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100 Pounds DONE :) Let's celebrate! WOOT!!!!!!

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Well, I thought I would share with you amazingly beautiful Spark Family members of mine that I am OFFICIALLY DONE with 100 pounds! YAYYYYYYY!

Took me a while, but hey... this is forever! It's not a race and I'm certainly not in a competition with anyone else. Taking my time is what's working for ME. KNOWING what works for me and taking my time is what will ensure that this "holds" forever! Right? :) I have drastically changed my life. My portions are finally under control, I love being active and sweating, I LOVE better-for-me foods and have recently vowed to stop eating things I cannot pronounce. Worked for our ancestors! :)

And without further adieu.. here are some piccies!

I had a little issue with a few trolls on FB about that side photo as I got my tattoo updated during my journey.. here's the proof of the updating tattoo.. lol Yes, I really had to post this because some people didn't believe that was me... LOL! Wow.. is it SO shocking that someone worked their butt off (literally) for this!? Some people amaze me...

A once SUPER ugly reminder of my past, covered with something that reflects me MUCH better. One of them apologized, but I truly have no space in my life for people that don't want to love and support me. I am a positive person and... well, I'm doing awesome things. If they don't like it, they can kiss my amazingly gorgeous (and MUCH SMALLER) toosh :) hehe

And, just for giggles, I did a few facial comparisons... just for myself..

SO COOL! :) I'm transforming. I'm a little less butterfly and more raging Phoenix, but.. yes, same goes! LOL

I've been asked a bunch of times why I started this journey and to tell my story.. I think I might video that soon so people can see/reference that. Not today as I have a horrid cold and no one needs to see that.. lol But I think it's a good idea!

And now... some things that make me smile or are "so me".. :)

HOLY CRAP I've lost ONE HUNDRED pounds! That's like.. 400 sticks of butter! LOL Or you know, a LOT of something :p A 2nd-grader! HAHAHA! That's 350,000 calories that I either burned off or DID NOT EAT. WHOA! How bad-a$$ is that!?!?

This feels so freakin' awesome!

Just had to share it with you guys, 'cause.. I'm freakin' out and I love y'all!! XOXO

Most of these pictures are available in a much larger format on my Facebook fan page, if you want to see them that way, please feel free to go there and check that out:
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