Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, October 08, 2012

Today in Canada it is Thanksgiving Day, and today I like to think of the reason for the holiday - the thanks. It may seem a hokey ritual, but I find it very helpful to remind myself of all the wonderful things that are going on in my life. There is so much negativity it is easy to be lured into the trap of thinking that's all there is. But its not.
So, things I am thankful for:
1/ A wonderful, amazing group of friends. I wish I could show my younger self, who was in despair because she would never be 'popular', that one day she would have friends from all over the world, some very close, some more aquantinces, but all amazing, supportive, interesting, kind, funny, insightful, and just as geeky as she is. Who needs 'popularity' (whatever that is), when you have such good friends?
2/ Being an aunt. My neice is amazing. She's bright and curious and full of energy and determination. She's also in the throes of the terrible twos, but I couldn't care less. Probably b
ecause I don't live with it. :)
3/ My parents. They've always been supportive and there for me when I need them. I honestly lucked out huge when I got my parents.
4/ A body that can still do amazing things. It ran (walked, meh) an obstacle course on Saturday. I may be stiff and sore in the mornings, I may still have a tendancy to want to lay around all day, but when I let my body move, it can do pretty neat things!
5/ Being employed. I still have a job. Some days its boring, or frustrating. Its not my 'dream job', its not what I thought I'd be doing with my life. But it gives me a steady paycheck, my coworkers are good people to work with, the workplace is flexible when it comes to hours (within reason), and I am lucky enough to have this when so many people do not.
6/ Having a great apartment, with room enough for me, my cats, my books, and my stuff. A warm roof over ones head is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, I don't have to mow or shovel the driveway!
7/ General good health. Yes, I have diabetes (technically). Yes, I have a touch of arthritis. I am starting to have to take daily pills and such things as older people take. On the whole, though, I am healthy. My sugars are under control. I am rarely acutely sick. I have no chronic illnesses. In other words, I have spoons aplenty, to borrow a metaphor.
8/ The internet. The connectivity (with my friends, see above), the access to information, the access to entertaining videos and blogs, the whole vast world to explore at my fingertips...its amazing technology and I live in a time where it exists.
9/ Health care. Paid by my taxes, so when I do sick or hurt myself I can go to the doctor or the hospital and be taken care of and not worry about it. So when other people are sick, THEY can go and get care, and not worry about it, so they're much less likely to spread it around.
10/ My boys. Tanis & Icarus, my two cats, who are big furry purry pains in my butt, but make me smile every single day.
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    Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on all your blessings!
    2420 days ago
    Happy Thanksgiving Day
    It's nice to appreciate all the things we do have.

    2420 days ago
    Happy Holiday Canadian Friend!
    2420 days ago
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