Lessons from a square inanimate object on the floor.

Monday, October 08, 2012

We all know the thing I'm talking about....the scale. I imagine if my scale could really talk it would be saying "don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger". It would then go on to tell me what it's information contains and how this doesn't always mean weight gain. My scale would lovingly tell me that it also measures water and muscle. It would tell me to look at the information it holds and question the message rather than either jumping for joy or cursing it. It would also tell me that a square inanimate object lying in the floor should not dictate how I feel about myself or dictate the rest of my day. Look at how I feel overall. Do I feel energized and look forward to exercising? Great! That should tell me that I am doing something right and that the scale's message of numbers up or down should be looked at quizzically. I know if I am moving in the right direction and I also know if my behavior the week before stepping on the scale was one of self loving and care or not. Its not about being good or bad. Its about learning and moving forward and loving yourself in the process. The Japanese have a saying " Fall down 7 times get up 8". Learn from the past week, Love yourself and be thankful for the lessons learned along the way. And even learn to be grateful for that square inanimate object. Looking at it all from a loving perspective will show up in the results eventually. And love feels better than the alternative doesn't it? emoticon
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