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Monday, 10/8 Fall Break!!

Monday, October 08, 2012

H/i Everyone,

I survived last week and although it was a tricky set of accomplishments, I did all of the things that I needed to do. On Tuesday, I completed my progress reports and got them copied and distributed to the teachers who needed them. I also got to go to the teacher's night at the museum with our son Mitchell. It was a good time. On Wednesday, I took the exam in my class and except for the one question that I drew a blank on, I think I did okay. (That was a question that I actually knew the answer to before I studied. I think pure fatigue set in and blocked my thinking.) On Thursday, after working from 8:30AM until 8:30 PM, I turned in my completed IGP--the paper stating my plan for professional development, part of our new evaluation system. On Friday, I finished my lesson plans before I packed Digger up, and left school for our two week fall break. I did handle everything that came my way and mostly with my typical level of accomplishment.

I don't plan to go to work or think about work during this break. I'll need to go and water my plants at the end of this week, but that is about my plants and not about doing any other work. I haven't ever managed a break with this sort of thinking, but after the way the past summer at school went and all of the stress and effort I put into doing my best, I need some time out. This is not my normal way of doing things or thinking, but it is exactly the place where I am right now. I think it is probably good for me.
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Today, we celebrated Worldwide Communion Sunday. Our church is moving along, but without the energy of having a leader and the vision of a leader. That may soon change. We have a pastoral candidate who is interested in taking the call at our church. She will preach on the 28th and immediately following the service, we will have a Congregational meeting with a vote on offering her the position of pastor in our church. The people on the search committee are absolutely impressed with her as is my son, who is the secretary of our church board. I am excited about this development, as I continue to miss Michael so much. With all of the events going on in my life, I miss him a bit each day, but that is our friendship as much, if not more than our pastoral relationship.

Our parish nurse mentioned my pending surgeries to our interim pastor who talked with me about them and offered her prayers after the service. I do like her--her name is Tammy, but I think I have been afraid to befriend her since I know she won't ge with us long and the grief I have went through without Michael. On a positive note, Mason finally came to church with us since Michael's retirement. He has grieved since June, but he seemed to be okay and he saw that people were glad he was there and he fell back into the helping others routines he has always held. It was good for me to see that. Next Saturday, we are going on the Haunted hayrack ride along with a potluck. On Sunday, we are celebrating our "Heritage Sunday," which is the 100th anniversary of our church building. It will include a German lunch and music and fun after the service. There will be a lot of eating opportunities that I will need to be careful with. I am taking healthy choices to the potluck and I know the menu for Sunday--that information will allow me to make good choices and not break my eating plan. Losing this weight before my hip replacement is an important goal for me. I can have fun without overeating or desserts and other rich foods.
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On a different note, my best friend's husband passed away yesterday--and I haven't quite come to grips with that. He had Alzheimer's and it was one of the saddest things I have ever known in my life. It is hard to understand or "get" the destruction of a condition like Alzheimer's, let alone how such a gifted, wonderful man with a loving family struggles through day after day of having him, but not having him. He was one of the most intelligent, kind and gifted people I have ever known. He was an elementary school principal and he was one whose staff always loved and respected him for his honesty and integrity--as well as his strong work ethic. The world is a better place because he was here. His wonderful family has struggled for a long time as he became more and more lost to Alzheimer's--but his final illness started just over a week ago and now they are preparing for his funeral. It is a lot and I don't know what to tell any of them except that I am sorry, I care, and if they need an ear or a shoulder, mine is always ready for them. I am praying for them all. I am sending prayers above for the entire family. I know when my friend gets off of the overload that I know she is in, she will talk to me about whatever she needs to talk about. We have been best friends for over 25 years. She knows that I'm here for her. Please keep them in your prayers too.
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Best wishes to you as we deal with the strange weather of the coming week--colder to warmer and most likely back to colder. My body is rebelling against all of this. I'm dealing with a lot of OA pain and a fibro flare. This is the beginning of the winter season and I need to get myself together and manage it. I have to honestly admit that I don't like this at all followed by admitting that there is nothing I can do about it except to dress warmly and keep the warmth of the past summer and all that I got to do and enjoy in my heart and mind.
Gentle hugs,
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  • _LINDA
    Well done getting all your required work done before the break!
    I am glad you are using this time to focus on you
    You certainly have an active church and congregation! I hope this new pastor works out! That was special the relationship you had with Micheal and I hope you and your son can develop a good one with this new person as well..
    So very sorry to hear what your friend's husband is going through :(((
    That is just heartbreaking :(( You will be a comfort to her, you are such a loving and compassionate person.
    The see sawing of weather extremes is my nemesis too. Stay warm. I already called for the 'Parka' a huge Eskimo jacket for my chilly rides to my fitness classes. Its not waterproof though and has fur, so I can't use it in wet snow.
    Stay warm! Fleece is my best friend now, heating pads and warm fuzzy PJ's when at home..
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    2078 days ago
    As usual I am amazed that you can get all that done in a week but, knowing you, I am always sure that you will too. LOL. It sounds like you have worked hard and deserve this rest.

    Tammy sounds great and does your church. They seem to offer everything a parishioner needs.

    I'm so sorry about your friend's husband. I have had a family member with the same challenges and it's so sad to watch them be robbed of who they are. I am sending prayers for your friend and family. I know you will be there for her.
    2079 days ago
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