Sunday, October 07, 2012

No .... not *that* kind.

I'm talking about sparkstreaks. You know, you pick a small goal, and do it for one day

You then do it another day.

And another.

And another.

And you then have a streak going. And you keep it going, cuz it's so cool to keep adding to that streak!

Here's more info on streaks:


Personally, this time around on sparkpeople, I'm finding that I am intrigued by the notion of streaks, and I have already started (and am in the middle of) two right now:

Exercising, and eating within my calorie range.

When I first started on sparks, in 2007, I read SparkGuy's story. I was very interested in his inspiring 700 day exercise streak that motivated those around him. I never successfully used streaks at that point in my journey, but now I want to do that; I want to inspire others with my actions.

I am excited about this, and am eager to put my number up on my office door, and have co-workers and students ask me what it means. I don't know if it will inspire anyone, but it is sure motivating me right now. In the last 12 days of my exercise streak, there have been quite a few days when I didn't feel like exercising (remember the inner toddler anyone?). Just wanting to keep my streak going was enough to get me to lace up my runners, and get outside for a walk, or get on my gazelle!

I am curious as to how far I can take this.

Join me!
You can streak just about anything. Have trouble getting in your water each day - start a streak!

Lack some motivation to exercise every day? Make today day 1 of your new exercise streak!
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How about eating more veggies and fruits? You can make a streak about that too!
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What do you want to make a streak for?

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