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Grocery Store Tour with my RD! (What I learned)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

So this past week My RD (Registered Dietitian from Spectrum Nutrition) and I hit the SaveOn Foods Grocery Store just off Cambie for our Grocery Store Tour! So thought i would share a few things that I learned! Here goes:

TIP: Everyone should know this "FUEL BEFORE YOU GO"! Eat a well Balanced Meal or snack before you hit the store! If you go on an empty stomach your more likely to buy things you dont need or are craving! BAD HABIT!!!

TIP: GO IN THE RIGHT STATE OF MIND! Stop being the person who goes shopping and talks themselves into things they shouldn't be buying or dont need in there house! I've done this in the past where i say hmmm im sure someone will eat this tub of ice cream then no one does and then u feel like u half to eat it so it wont go to waste! WELL.... WHY DID U BUY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Set urself up for a successful shop by writing down an EXACT list of what u need and ONLY WHAT U NEED! then stick to it!

TIP: Shop the outside of the store the most! The freshest healthiest items are on the outer edge of the store in Bakery, Deli, Produce Dairy and Meat/Seafood and Pharmacy! The Isle down the shop are the most proceesed foods and prepackaged items! Get these items less!

We started in the Deli/Fresh Prepared section:

Alegro Cheese - a Great low fat Product! Your cheese should be less than 15-20% M.F. (milk fat) - Alegro Cheese is as low as 4% its found in the deli cheese area near the Laughing Cow stuff!

Summer Fresh is a great comapny that makes Deli style Salads and Dips like Hummas and Spinich dip. They Offer lower cal Options vs there Regular Options. So when entertaining use the lower cal / lower fat options and pair with whole wheat crackers or similar options!

When buying Deli Meats be careful of the high Sodium Nitrates in them! Also be cafeful of the "Natural" no added Preservatives products. Some secretly hide added Preservatives like "CELERY EXTRACT" in them and call it NATURAL! Pleasezeeeee!!! If it seems to good to be true then it probably is!

In the Bakery -

My Little Big Bread by SilverHills Bakery (An Abbostford, BC Comapny)
110caks fir 2 slices! YUMMM!

Bagels with at least 5g of Fiber per... Try Weight Watchers Bagels

Down the Isles -

Crackers with at least 3g Fiber per serving (Dare has a great White box of grain crackers)

Fiber One Honey Oat Cereal is a great breakfast option for cereal!

TIP - When your not sure which item to buy product A or B. COMPARE THEM! Put them side by side and compare the Calories, Fat, Trans and Saturated Fats, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbs, Fiber, Sugars and Proteins! If they are both similar then pick the one you will enjoy better taste wise!

TIP - Watch out for HIDDEN TRANS FATS! If it says Trans fat free check the Nutritional Ingredients for Hydroginated Veggitable Oil = Trans Fats!

Try Amy's Soups which half 50% less Sodium then Regular Soup! They are a great naturally organic option and great flavors!

Use Pot Barley over Pearl Barley

Meats/Seafood -

Choose White Fish and Scalopps most often as they are only 0.8cal / gram
Choose Lean Turkey and Chicken Brest most often as they are only 1.0-1.1cal /gram

When Choosing Ground meats stick to EXTRA LEAN only - Most Extra Lean Beef is Sirloin style!

In the Produce Section -

Use Squash for Spagetti instead of pasta noodles! (Microwave it and pull apart to have great noodles)

Use Store Salad Bars to max advantage for pre cut and sliced options! Also many stores sell pre made kits for Fajitas and Salads etc.. Use these also to your advantage to get a wide variety of veg and protein options that are pre-prepared when u are busy!

Use Onions, Garlic and Shallots for flavouring When needed as they are full flavored
Different Veggie Colors = Different Nutrients and Antioxidents


Some veggies are limitless
Zuccini, Peppers, Tomatos, Kale, Radici, Mushrooms , Califlower, Brocoli, Cabbage, Lettuce, Eggplant and Asparagus.

Some Veggies you can enjoy frequently but not all the time:
Carrots, Squashes, Avacados, Peas (Higher Starch Content)

Some Veggies you may think are Pure Veggies but are acutally Startch Based and should be used in smaller amounts:
Sweet Potatos, Potatos, Yams, Corn, Sugar Snap Peas. (Highest Startch Amount)

TIP - Milk has some amazing health benefits! High in Calcium and Vit A/D and a Great source of Protein! Great for building strong bones! But for Diabetics can be tough as it has a big net carb load and the lactose from it produces high sugars 9g per serving (1cup) So limit where possible if diabetic!

FINAL TIP - Take your Time and never Rush through the store! Read your labels Thoroughly and Understand the prodcuts you are purchasing! Enjoy your shopping trip!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks John another helpful blog..thanks for keeping us healthy!
    2069 days ago
    We are all learning for you John and I for one appreciate it!
    2078 days ago
    Well i notieced it when i have my oatmeal in the am and the hospital dietitian said i had to choose to have with less milk or full amount of water, cause my Iced Skinny Latte is 110 cals and im like the esperesso shot is basiocally nothing and the sugar free vanilla is nothing and the milk in the latte is 90 cals and lots of carbs and sugs!
    2078 days ago
    I did not know about the milk! I'll have to learn more about that. Or maybe because I am a woman and need more calcium...? Don't know but thanks for the outline and funny that that was at the end. Happy Thanksgiving John. Justyna
    2078 days ago
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