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Training Log Oct 1-7, It's done

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Scull single 10k
Erg 3k

Rowing Practice about 14k 8+
Erg 4k
ST, one set Sit ups, Push ups, Jumpies, Squat Thrusts, Juming Jacks, Lateral Lunges

Breakfast Latte, Kasha Cinnamon Harvest Cereal with vanilla soymilk
Scull single 8k
Between activity banana
Run 6 miles, at the Lake, my legs were tired, my pace was slow and I wasn't even winded, should have adjusted my ratio, used 1 min run/20 sec walk average pace 10:26. I did much better on the final mile when I just ran 9:44 for that one.

erg 2k warmup, 3.5 k moderate, 2k cool down

1k warm up
Rowing practice, just 8k so we could get home for the presidential debates
Finished practice with a set of jumpies, push-ups, sit ups, squat thrusts, lateral lunges, jumping jacks

Latte cinnamon harvest cereal for breakfast
Scull single 6k
Luna Bar
Run 6 miles, 1.5 mile warm up, 4 X cadence drills, 4 X acceleration drills , 5 min jog HR below 70%, 6 X 400m, 2 min RI HR below 70%

Not quite sure why I threw in those 400 m repeats. I think because I tend towards really slow when I run right after rowing, unless I run with my husband. Wanted a little section where I pushed
My goal pace for the 400's was 7:50, although I did some of them on a trail so I was going to let myself be a bit slow, It turned out I could not read my Garmin in the shady trail section with my sunglasses while running. My pace on the 400's 7:53. 7:59, 7:30,7:49, 7:44. 7:41

Friday, bad weather so this was my rest day

Morning scull in a double about 10k. We may race a double at Head of the Hooch. It all depends on available entries and boats. Temps in the 30's, frost on the dock

My stomach/gut was not happy and I skipped my afternoon run

Morning scull in a double about 12 k
erg 4k. Temps in the 30's felt even colder than Sat

Afternoon 6 mile run in Forest Park St. Louis, did the outer loop, counterclockwise from the Visitors center, mile 2 is an uphill used 1 min run/ 20 sec walk, dropped walk breaks for the last 0.5 mile, I wish I'd hit the lap button. Average pace 9:23, splits 9:29,9:52.9:16,9:32,9:28.8:40, Looking at the graph in the training center the last 0.5 mile looks to be 8:13, Could not drop my husband today.

Although I don't tend to do Gu on a 6 mile run, my husband does, so this time I did too. So one Gu at mile 4. (Last week when I dropped my husband he had forgotten his Gu)
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