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The Pegasus Un-Fun Run. (and stuff about calories)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I wish I could say .. yayyayaya I did a 10k race today and share all my photos in delight
Especially like Leah did here on Spark
.... but I really did have such a horrible time of it, That I simply cant..

I suppose like life, we can either look at the good or the bad of things and i will represent both in this blog, cos both happened...

Sara, Kelvin and I, got up very early yesterday morning to go out to Pegasus, ( a very small development with 10,000 too short in housing, And in actual fact, the investors pulled out of last week and it is in receivership. but not everyone knows that.) It is still a beautiful landscape, regardless.

I didn't get enough sleep, Sara looked like she hadn't slept all week,
and I only got 87 calories into me for breakfast (3 bites of cereal). Sara had nothing.. Kelvin had a full breakfast cos he got up first and ate it before waking me... nice.

We had 19 minutes to get ready. (I remembered everything except my hat, which i remembered just as we left the house and decided not to get it... that's impressive actually)
:) We got to the event, and walked FOREVER to get there. they put the parking ages away.. of course there was no where to put anything.. not even the receipt for my race t-shirt both Sara and I were nervous/ excited.. Kelvin was just kelvin.

And as us girls were excited..(and maybe kelvin was?) . we took our photos at the start/finish line :)

Sara on the left, Me as a kitty in the middle, and kelvin


Me, Happy Kitty


Shar and 2 of her friends were there but I didn't get my photo with her.. she dressed up as a devil, wish I had, she looked cute :)

(people listening to annoucements, Phil on far right in dress up - dreads, Shar's husband)

Bondi (from More Fm) made announcements as people milled around,
That the 10k run was starting at 10am. the 5k at 10:15am... he made no mention of the 2.5km
and I was confused as to when the walking times were on.
Kelvin and I went to the toilets, and I went down to the road and happily photographed
the runners coming up :)

When I got back, kelvin was SCREAMING AT ME, that we had missed the start line..(note he didn't go there and went to the toilet also)
he suddenly went into emotional melt down, (which i usually have to baby sit/ contain)
and made a public scene with the organisers.. I told him not to bother and we'd just do the 5.5k
he didn't listen and did it anyway
the organisers told him, unless we RAN the 10k, we couldn't go, and to just do the 5.5k
Kelvin still didn't settle down.. so I ignored him and focused on Sara :)

And we were off! (were we?) there was NO STARTING GUN .. suddenly people sort of shuffled forward.. slowly...
very slowly actually.. as the prams were slowly overtaken and put to the back of the pack

Then (as floss texted me to do,) I went FULL POWER - power walked, in the gutter of the road... and finally over took all of the people pushing prams... and THEN.the road turned into gravel!! (Which I wasn't aware it would do) and stayed that way.. it was impossible to get traction or speed up..
I got a fair distance ahead.. my power walk is the same speed as other joggers that were there... (6km an hour speed) (had i know you could run/walk/jog it all in one I would have trained for that!!! annoyed!)

then suddenly.. .something hit me...physically, i couldn't speed walk anymore
I didn't know what it was.. but Kelvin cheated and ran, (well it's not cheating.. but I only walked the whole event, and so did sara) He ran up to me, and talked to me.. he said nothing about me being bright pink till after the race... .. go harder he said... im too hot, i said.. cmon kitty you can do it... etc etc..
he stayed with me for maybe.. 7 mins , which was nice.. I loved that he came up to me actually.... . and i asked for his hat because i was unbelievably freaking hot.
(the entire race was out in the open, and this particular landscape is hotter than christchurch)

(I had the starting of heat stroke) he gave me his hat then took off.....
competitively... to finish the race.. and left me behind.. without saying anything..

I couldn't find Sara ANYWHERE behind me.. I kept looking... I was gutted... that we were all separated,the entire rest of the race,

I was unable to keep my own pace and was effected my other people.. (despite training for this!) (I have been training for a month for this race by the way) . I pushed myself so hard my lungs were aching,
i coughed so bad... it felt like whooping cough (I still have the remnants of the flu)...
I kept TRYING SO HARD to keep up to kelvin.. but he could hold his power walk times longer than I could and eventually, he was out of site.. I couldn't even yell out to him to come back cos my lungs were munted.

What felt like the ACTUAL 10k track.... in distance.. finally. eventually,turned back into concrete.. andthere was some pretty iddy biddy bays they built into the side of the lake, got my picture with one :)
Which I liked :)

New screen saver on my phone :) :) :)

Notice... my whiskas have smeared off (from the sweat)
I am dressed in all black, complete with a tail which people commented on and it was very cute =)

When I got to the finish line.. there was kelvin... all proud he had beat me..

he didnt want to do this event.. he didnt pay for his ticket..
he didnt buy a t-shirt.. he didnt invite any friends..
but he made a HUGE speech (while i was dying of heat exhaustion and desperate for water)
about how awesome some girl he walked with was.. .ffs I finally got enough breath out to tell him to shut up.. and went and got some water and i was so sick i couldn't drink it.
I sat in the shade, and waited for Sara to come..
I got some photos of the Minnie mouse team - they were later awarded best costume
can someone please tell me how they crossed the line with perfect make up???????
Did they stop half way somewhere?(they were certainly behind me anyway)

I actually WAS awarded a spot prize for my kitty costume, which was lovely...
but I had to share the moment alone because Kelvin (and Sara) couldn't be bothered to walk the 150 meters to the spot prize board
I won a 500ml drink bottle... I really really need a 1000ml.. and erm..
I was happy and both.. annoyed.... cos... I currently drink from a 750ml
so yeah.. hrm.. But thank you anyway.. I have been TRYING to use it.. I will cover it in stickers all the same :)

Sara had a smoke ... (she smokes) and started complaining about how awful the race was..
her fingers had swollen up into sausages.. she had blisters on her feet
and bleeding between her toes..
I wasn't sure how I felt about the race. so i kept mostly quiet about my feelings.. but tried to half pie support her... ( I try not to let negative people get all my attention in general)

We were only allowed one 250ml bottle of water.......each . . .I knew I was not right by this point, and stole a second.. the security gave me the harshest look but
for goodness sake, really?? there was no where to put anything.. the car was miles back... honestly..
I picked up the race t-shirt I bought... and we took some photos with our certificates :)

While I did not enjoy the race (yet wasn't sure I felt this way at that point)
I did at least feel like I had earnt it, and it was hard work. Perhaps it just wasn't organised well?

After sitting in the sun for another whole hour.. we finally saw the prizes awarded to the mini mouse team.. .. who in all honestly, were the ONLY people who dressed up properly.
and a few random ones to others. (hardly anyone was in Costume really, but that's New Zealand for you).

When we got home... Sara went out,
I finally revealed to Kelvin how angry I was that he didn't cross the finish line with me.
he blamed it on the girl that was "motivating him" (which earlier in the day he said he wanted her number - which is completely inappropriate, she was married and about 60 years old).

(meaning, he didn't take responsibility for choosing to leave me behind).
I got more angry... He didn't even want to do the race... infact, I didn't want him to either!!!!
Floss my trained told him to go to support me (he's been on a mission to get us back together) - and we had discussed that he was there to support me before the event too...
But SUDDENLY we apparently had a conversation about how we were going to COMPETE and that I had agreed to it, wow. news to me!
Our fight was horrible and drawn out.. because he wouldn't admit he'd neglected me.. (I even had to carry his stuff during the race)
he didn't ask if i wanted to "compete" he just decided to take the glory for himself, even tho he didn't train once. Great. That makes me feel like I wasted my time huh?

We then went to the shop to get lunch.. and i binge ate something Chronic
I ate 1/3 of a cheese cake, a chocolate icecream, chicken sandwiches, a pizza bun - Oh.. that was all i ate..
ok at the time it seemed like i binge ate... but i was unbelievably not okay, (heat stroke wise) I felt I needed to (esp those cold foods like the cheese cake and icecream)

Then I immediately put it in the tracker to try and stop myself eating..
I ripped through 1300 Calories in my very short 5min lunch break... (it worked!) lol.
And my immensely fast race.. (that i was doing as fast as others jog at)

I checked it FIVE times to see If I had done it right..
I can burn 400 calories just walking around the block 3 times at a nice casual, not trying pace! I have burnt 700 calories walking the 10k in training??

Then Kelvin.. did his own thing and watched the Rugby, I told him he we only had 3 hours left of good light.. he wasted another two..
This is why it was really important he recorded the rugby.. rather than watch it then and there:
The night before, we heard that Mitre 10 Dream Home (a house renovation show) was doing calls for Canterbury, and that they closed on the 7th, the day of our race.
Kelvin and I have ALWAYS wanted to renovate property. actually, I have always wanted to and he's always SAID he's wanted to. We are huge fans of both mitre 10 and their show, we even drove over to the west coast and went to the live auction show..
This is the ONLY time it has been offered in Canterbury... and we absolutely 100% BOTH want to do it, it is our dream. Okay. .so.
The reason I didn't get enough sleep (or breakfast) for the race, is cos I was up all night, crafting our application and what to say on the video.
I thought of the right stories to share, and recorded it all down... I was patient and waited for him.. and then when there was just enough time left to get it done, (twice) I make sure there's enough time with him lol.. I told him to record the game and come out and do the shooting. (plus it gave me time to let my heat stroke rest) so that was okay... .but then
he had a huge fight with me and refused to do it.. Which ended up in a 2 hour argument..
and basically, he crushed / sabotaged our dreams. (again)
Then ****he***** spent the evening crying cos he had lost our only opportunity to be on this show... (He actually lost my respect, and love, because just 3 days prior I was considering to go back to him) But whatever..
Perhaps this is why the day was so tainted for me tho.. ****Him****

BUT !!! on the POSITIVE SIDE!!! my area between the bottom of my bust, and above my belly button.. is what I call the danger zone / blubber, area.. It looked lumpy and strange.. after the race,I quickly checked in the mirror and it was definitely smaller :D BONUS!
After I had lunch, that changed.. so that was odd.. but still.. it was nice for just a brief moment.. that if i work hard it can get results..

I decided to take measurements and weight measurements
I lost 300 grams this week :)

(boring numbers part)
With a total of 14,376 calories eaten, (goal is about 12,000)
and a total of 486 mins of exercise/ training, (thats an hour and ten mins every day)
with a total calorie deficiency of, (based on a sedentary caloric need of 2500 a day),
8045 for the week,So if 3500 calories burned over and above what I eat in the week = 1 pound lost,
(2.2 pounds = 1 kg)then I should have lost... 2.1ish pounds aka 1 kg..
But instead I lost 1/3rd of a KG, with 300 grams..

I am mostly doing this recent tracking just to see how much my body needs, in exercise to actually change.... apparently while exercise is the most effective "drug" for weight loss, with Pcos, it is also ineffective - Says my doctor. Sigh.

Ok so..
If I brought it up to an average of... 3 hours of exercise a day..
Is it possible, I could lose maybe half a kg per week that way? Dunno.. Dunno if I WANT To do that much exercise heh
On the measurement side of things, my arms and legs are smaller again..(and 2cms off the bust)
and my tummy/ waist /hip region is bigger. I personally would way prefer the opposite effect.
But that's okay.. that's just the way it is. (Right?)
I had never recorded/measured the "blubber" area before, nor the calf, so i added those to the tracker, I regret having not done it before .. cos I'm not sure it's smaller.

So in summary.. for my weight "loss"
I feel.. pretty neutral about it.. I have lost the hope to see results many months back now..
As you can see I was delighted to see my blubber area disipate.. but..
I'm not sure now (the next morning) if it has or not.

So hmmmm. Am I doing all this exercise for weight loss?
Is it effective?
My starting weight on Spark was about 105.8 Kgs.. it is now 103.3kgs. (nearly 6 months ago now). I HAVE lost weight very rapidly in the past before, (with running) I just don't know why it's not coming off now... Christy used to say it was my relationship with Kelvin that held me back... That's possible.

Back to the race:
in the evening, I let it RIP with Sara, (not AT sara, but with her) I b*tched up a STORM about the race
I apologised for not complaining earlier in fact (when she was trying to sitting on the grass together) - And we, together, went hard out
she complained she was worried her fingers fell off, (they were sausage shape after the race!)
I told her i was worried she'd collapsed - we complained about the freaking swing bridge and nearly bouncing off it!!
and how people were just going for a casual walk. not race related what so ever.. the opposite direction even! THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!
ALONG THE FREAKING RACE TRACK, Here was me trying to get my speed up ... to meet my goal of finishing in 50 mins.. and I had to be rude to people.. it was horrid.
and we both complained about the heat stroke.. and we just went so so SO ridiculously
negative that we ended up laughing :D

We vowed to never do another race again! LOL
I personally didn't QUITE mean it, but I will never do one if it has 1) PRAMS!!! and 2) gravel roads and another factor to concern myself is it was out in the open sun - in a non mountainous or tree area ( and is prone to heat waves )

I would however, Do a cycling race =) You automatically cover your head.. and not in gravel andi'd be fully surprised if they were racing prams there.. lol AND IF THEY WERE, they'd have their own seperate time slot.. lol (Everyone else complained about the prams too and how they were blocking people up.. wasn't just me!)

So I have been looking around for a new bike, I think i found one I liked :) Kelvin hated it and made a grate effort to tell me so... *HE* liked the 900$ bike... thats nice.. Did he offer to buy it for me? no.. does he KNOW I don't have 900$? yes. I wish he would get some sensitive training!

My body held up .. pretty much okay to the walking part of the race...
it was a COMPLETE blessing that we were pulled out of the 10k it was so so so
hard heat wise.. i did my stretching.. i was the ONLY PERSON of the thousands there to do so
But thank you to Spark and Nicole's video on how to do it,
(And me writing it down and drawing little pictures of each stretch that Nicole did)...
I knew it off by heart :) Go me :)

Funnily enough when we took the 1 hour drive back home..
when we got out of the car.. none of us could walk, Kelvin nearly fell over
hahaha (lactic acid build up I guess) it was funny :)

The good news: Sara's fingers returned to normal
sun stroke fades.. my lungs are okay now...
And I have learnt not to trust my hopes and dreams to be shared by Kelvin.

So that was the race...

Here is my certificate
5.5kms in 51 mins.. on a gravel, people in the way , race.
(I can do it in 42 mins at home but you know.. what can you do)
*Sigh* Kelvin did his race in 48 Mins, and Sara in 1 hour and 5 mins.

At least it got done.. and at least, I love my rainbow style nail polish :)
Which I still have on... Yay..
and also, the new t-shirt is actually much better than I imagined, it's made from breath through fabric :) So that's good :) Right?

Please comment and encourage me.. I need it :/
and thank you for reading :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow! She must've been hot for 60. Congrats on your for finishing, winning the prize and wtg taking great pics. Better luck next time.
    2021 days ago
    Hi Jeanie!! thanks for supporting me on my blog.. haha funny about the hating running with the burning passion of a million suns :)
    I'm presently not allowed to run due to a twisted pelvis.. and i DID train for a month for that 10k race.. (walking race) that is. :)
    But you make a good point about supportive people. I will totally and fully plan that out in future
    Thanks X
    2022 days ago
    Wow! Preparation is everything they say. Slow methodical practical planning and building yourself up to the challenge. I'm a fine one to talk though, I hate running with the passion of a million burning suns and am quite sure my arse has about ten times the earths normal gravitational force pulling it down, making it impossible to run, but I digress.......

    Maybe the 5k your way would be a good beginning .
    Start small.
    Surround yourself with supportive people who will help and not hinder you.
    Train, train, and train!

    Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors,

    2022 days ago
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