HOORAY - Finally I am in the normal BMI range, started end of Jan/12 in the obese range

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I started off in the obese weight range when I first started to be serious about eating healthy, taking better care of myself and loosing weight. I can't believe in this short a time I have made it to the normal range (only by one lb. but I'm still there and I ain't ever going back) ..... from 226.4 lbs. down now to 158 lbs.

I find it amazing how much of a difference this loss has made to my daily life. I can walk further, I no longer have any pain in my knees or lower back. I am more confident and my clothes just look and feel better now I am down from size 1X to a 12 !!!

I WILL NOW CONTINUE TO STAY ON TRACK, this is a promise to myself I intend to keep. And, you can take that to bank.
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