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What a great day for a hike!! October blog #7

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Today we took our grandsons to FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, GA for a nice long hike. We hiked Long Leaf Loop - well, most of it anyway. The full trail is 6.9 miles but my knee was aching a bit on the uphills and Josh (the youngest who is 9) was tired so we took a little short cut on the highway and cut about a mile off the hike. We had an awesome time! The temperature was about 68 degrees, the sun was shining (though it was pretty shady on most of the trail so we didn't get too warm) - it was great!! The acorns are HUGE this year - there is an old wive's tale that says that means a colder than average winter - don't know if that is true or not. The leaves are just starting to change here which added extra beauty to the trail.

On to my goals for October:

ST every day (one break day per week allowed) - work one body part a day - at least 90 reps total. Yesterday was core and it took EVERY bit of willpower I possess but I got my 90 reps in!! It sure helps that I have a 33 day streak going - I am NOT willing to break my streak, and while I knew taking a day off is acceptable I'm trying not to use it unless absolutely necessary. Being tired does NOT constitute a good enough reason - it doesn't take that long to do 90 reps!!

Cardio - at least 60 minutes 6 days a week. I got 58 minutes in walking the dog and walking around at the fair so Saturday will be my 'off' day this week. I more than made up for yesterday's short day today with our 3 hour hike! Plus I walked Boudreuax 1.8 miles this morning and will walk him again in a bit.

Nutrition - continue to increase the fresh vegetables and fruit in my meals while eating less animal products and processed foods. We won't even talk about this other than to say my eating yesterday at the fair was NOT on plan! But today I'm back to it!!

So now you are up to date on my life and I'm going to watch football with the boys before they have to go home. Hope you are having a BLESSED day!!

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