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Good Luck, Bad Luck, The same.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

There was a man who had a farm, plus a son and a horse to plow his fields.
Everyone said he had Good Luck. He just said, " Good Luck/ Bad Luck the same"..
So his son broke his arm.
Every one said he had Bad Luck.
He just said "Good luck bad luck the same"
Then the king sent his soldiers and drafted all the healthy young men,
His son had a broken arm and was not taken.
So the people said, " You always have good luck."
"Good Luck, Bad luck the same."
Because a minute later the army confiscated the horse because he was young and strong.
The People said what Bad Luck.
He said," Good Luck and Bad Luck the same."
So he lived out the war plowing with his son pulling the plow.
He had a good harvest. He shared with his neighbors,
but ended up having most of the rest of his crop confiscated.
Good Luck, Bad Luck the same.
But at the end of the war the army released the horses and the stallion returned with many mares.. And he said Good Luck, Bad Luck the same.

I do not know who originally wrote this but it always helps me to keep my sorrow as well as my joy in check. I have read many versions. It is my opinion the middle or "narrow" way is always best.
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