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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Holy crap, there is a lot going on in my life right now. And for once, it's pretty much all good!

First of all, I'm officially going down the personal trainer route. I know, I know. It's cliche. Lose weight, get healthy, become a trainer. But, I've been toying with that idea for some months now. I'm extremely passionate about fitness, and at this point in my life I know more about it than I do anything else. I'm running out of hours in the day to try all the fitness related things I want to do, so the simplest solution would be to get into a position that encourages me to go try everything. I brought it up to Derek (my trainer) last week, and he's been completely supportive of this. He's giving me information left, right and center, plus expanding explanations, etc while we are training so he is essentially training me to be a trainer. During a conversation, he said "So when you start working here.." Not if. When. I pointed that out, which caused him to stop what he was saying, look at me for a second, and go "As I was saying. WHEN you start working here.." I think he has confidence in me.
In the same vein, I also found out what it would take for me to become a muay thai instructor. Surprisingly less than I expected, so I'm aiming to improve on my skills as much as I can in the next year or so and consider that as something extra to do as well. Yay!

I've also finally admitted something to myself. I am fit. People have been saying this to me, both at muay thai and the gym, for a little while, and I've been told a LOT recently, but I never really fully believed it. Simply because, my body shape isn't what immediately comes to mind when I think of "fit". However, I can't really deny that I am, squishy bits or not. I finally came to this conclusion in muay thai on Tuesday. The last drill we did before burnout was a speed drill. He gives you a combination to do as many times as you can in the allotted time (usually a minute and a half). That day, it was jab, cross, hook, cross, double rear kick, switch stance, double rear kick. Any of these speed drills, he wants you to complete a minimum of ten sets. Most of the class gets between about 12-15, and that day was no different. One girl had 19, which is impressive. Me? I beat everyone with 22, and was surprisingly NOT dying from lack of oxygen like I expected. That was the subtle brick in the face revelation that I am fit and I'll just have to accept it.

I'm doing SO WELL with my food control lately too. Today marks the third consecutive day that my "Work Snacking" header on my nutrition tracker has been left completely blank. Not even so much as a nibble of a scone. I'm so unbelieveably proud of myself for being able to do that, considering there have been some days that I've snacked my way through over 800 calories just from work. I may not be able to always not snack while I'm there, but this proves to me that I CAN do it if I try, and if I want to nibble a little bit, I can do so and keep it at a LITTLE bit.

I started toying with a dress design last month, and I'm finally getting into the proper stage of bringing it to life. Tomorrow is going to be a day solely dedicated to that dress. I have my training session at 10, then it'll be home and sewing away! I aim to have a completed muslin by end of day, which means the next step would be making the dress itself. I happened to be downtown yesterday, so I stopped off in a store my friend had told me about. I got a BEAUTIFUL piece of leather that I'm going to be using for the top of the dress there, and it was significantly cheaper than I expected it to be.

To go along with that dress, I've been meaning to get myself a new pair of flat boots for a while now. My day-to-day footwear at the moment is a pair of steel toed construction boots. Comfy as hell, I love them, but they're not exactly what one would call "stylish". I do have some very sexy knee high boots. However, 5" platforms are not exactly the most practical sole when I want to wear them to concerts. So, new boots were also on the agenda while I was downtown. Stopped off at the Dr. Marten store and got myself a pair of 14-holes. They look amazing, and are killing only one part of my foot (the back of my ankle). Hopefully I'll have them broken in (and healed from my wounds sustained while doing so) with the daily wear I'm subjecting them to right now.

The reason I need them broken in immediately? Well, the dress is making its debut on October 24th, as I took the night off so I can go see Black Label Society. I hardly ever get to go out anymore, and two tickets for that happened to become available to me. I jumped on the opportunity, and so began the priority of the dress and need for boots. Safe to say, I'm going to look SMOKIN' HOT that night.

If you couldn't tell from the last sentence, my confidence in myself has also skyrocketed lately. I am finally beginning to shape my life and body the way I want them to go. Although I was very set on becoming a veterinarian, I believe this is the direction that my life is flowing. I have been fighting myself my entire life. In the last few weeks, I have finally begun seeing and accepting things as they are, and you have just read the results of what has happened because of that. I am no longer fighting. This is the way my life wants to go, and that's the way I'm going to let it. I like this, I like how I feel, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure I keep feeling this way.
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    way to go .... good for you! emoticon emoticon
    2055 days ago
    you are amazing . good goals . good dreams and yes you can do this . you go girl friend . emoticon
    2056 days ago
  • 1EMMA2011
    You are so amazing. This is so inspirational. Keep taking care of yourself. You can do it and you are helping others. So proud of you. KEEP GOING! emoticon
    2056 days ago
    It's great that you're feeling so good about yourself! You deserve it. And you should definitely become a personal trainer if that's where your passion lies. You will only feel that much more fulfilled from doing what you love. And if your own trainer seems to have so much confidence in you, then you're definitely geared for success.

    I hate breaking in new Docs! I needed to get a pair of boots for my upcoming trip on the 18th, and decided against a new pair of Docs just because I couldn't stand the thought of all the pain I'd have to go through to break them in. I did find a pair of motorcycle type boots which I think look just as good, and are way more comfortable. But, I'm a baby when it comes to breaking in new shoes.

    Good luck with the dress. It sounds like it'll look amazing. You should post pictures when you are done!
    2056 days ago
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