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Nine months into 2012 - fitness review

Sunday, October 07, 2012

So normally I would have done this on the 1st day of the month, but this month sprung itself on me before I was ready. So I scheduled it for today instead. Today was convenient in part because Friday and Saturday are my ST rest days, which meant I'd had more than 24 since my weight work on Thursday.

Nine months of 2012 are now in the past, nine months of consistent fitness work.

My 1 July 2012 update is here:

My 1 April 2012 update is here:

My original 1 January 2012 starting point is here (including comments on some of the measurements):

Height = 5' 7.75"
Weight = 200 pounds TO 175 pounds (25 pounds down)
Body Fat % = 42% or 27.89% TO 36% or 27.23%
BMI = 30.63 (Obese) TO 26.8 (Overweight)
BMR = 1641.325 TO 1532.575

Forehead = 23.75" TO 23.5”
Neck = 15" TO 14”
Shoulders = 44" TO 42.5'
Chest = 40.5" TO 39”
Bust = 46.5" TO 43”
Ribs / Strap = 38" TO 35.5”
Bicep = 14" TO 13.5'
Forearm = 11.25" TO 10.5”
Wrist = 6.75" TO 6.75”
Waist at Navel = 40" TO 36.5”
Hips = 48" TO 43”
Seat = 46.5" TO 43”
Thigh = 26" TO 23.75”
Calf = 16.75” TO 15.5”
Ankle = 9.5" TO 9.5”

Fitness testing:

Resting Heart Rate = 61 bpm (machine) TO not measured (in bed) or 55/49 bpm (machine)
Target Heart Rate = 124 - 150 bpm
Blood Pressure = 115/75 TO 93/62 or 93/67
(I couldn't believe the first BP/HR reading, so I did it a second time - hence two numbers.)

for instructions and scaling)
Situps = 31 (Good) TO 35 (Excellent)
Modified Pushups = 4 (Below Average) TO 10 (Average)
Squats = 22 (Good) TO 50 (Excellent)
Step = 145 bpm (Very Poor)* TO 132 (Poor)
Vertical Jump = 8" (Below Average) TO 8.5” (Below Average)
Sit and Reach = +1" (Average) TO +0.5” (Average)

Aerobic fitness check:

Heart rate before walk = 90 bpm TO 60 bpm
Time for 1 mile brisk = 15:10 TO 14:09.9
Heart rate after 1 mile brisk = 127 bpm TO 120 bpm
Time for 2nd mile brisk = 14:45 TO 13:57.62
Heart rate after mile 2 = 140 bpm (original) TO 128 bpm
Time for 1 mile normal = 17:02 TO 15:24.59
Heart rate after 1 mile normal = 109 bpm TO 120 bpm


Sit & reach is a flexibility thing, and I don't really have a good setup to measure it. I probably need to add more to my stretching to improve this.

Vertical jump is an explosive muscle thing. I actually didn't push hard on this one because between 4 miles of walking, the step test, and the hour on the recumbent bike, my first jump made me aware my knees didn't think it was a good idea. No pain, but it's the least of my fitness concerns at the moment - so I let it slide.

Step test ... I think I may have added one too many blocks under the step. It's supposed to be 12 inches, but may have done 14 inches instead. No big deal, but that would possibly explain the heart rate increase.

Walking -- last testing I did on a treadmill, so the HR measures are much more accurate, but the times are a little distorted (faster than I do on a slightly hilly trail). This time I did this out at the Los Gatos Creek trail.

The 3rd mile I thought I slowed down, but apparently nowhere near as much as I thought. emoticon The 4th mile was my cooldown, but even that was a snappy pace of 17:24.25 which let my HR get down to 72 bpm. My total time for those four miles was 61 minutes.

Heart rates were from attempts to count pulse for 5 seconds and multiply by 12. Any longer and it slows down too much to be effective. I'll probably do this on the treadmill for the next one -or- get myself a heartrate monitor or pulse checking band of some sort.

Physical / injury comments:

My left foot seems to mostly be under control. It's not "perfect" by any means, but I continue to work on the stretches (left calf is still tighter / less flexible, but improved).

My left shoulder / upper arm is my "weakest link" when it comes to doing pushups, but other than a vague soreness, I've been able to keep strengthening it. The 10th pushup was achieved with pure grit and unwillingness to give up. I kept my form, but it was HARD. (When I do them for ST, I do three sets. For the fitness test, it is 1 set to exhaustion. So I figured I should have just enough left in the tank to push it.)

Otherwise, feeling really good physically.


On a cute side note, I walked from the trail to the light rail station and was doing the squats at the bench while waiting. An "older" couple arrived. He asked me if I was exercising, I answered yes, and that was it for that moment. After I finished I overheard them talking and mentioning GU. Now, tomorrow is the Rock 'N' Roll emoticon in San Jose and in looking at the course map to decide where I wanted to play audience, I'd noticed that they had "GU" stations.

So I asked if they were racing tomorrow. Sure enough, she was planning to walk it - her fourth this year to earn a "Grand Slam". emoticon We talked until the train arrived. They were mentioning some of the states they've been to this year. I mentioned TIMOTHYNOHE (not by name - just someone on a website I frequent emoticon ) and his goal to run in each state.

Then she mentioned someone with a goal to run on every continent ... who ran one ... on Antarctica. emoticon I can't even begin to imagine. ( ) We did have a bit of a laugh about how his wife would NOT go along to that one. She doesn't mind doing the tourist thing elsewhere, but said no way to ice and snow and no shopping.

I have no idea if I'll successfully spot her on the course, but I do plan to be out there hooting and cheering the runners and walkers! emoticon
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