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Day 18 of My Streaks

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Another great day on track with my streaks. I went grocery shopping at around noon today. I never even considered going down the soda isle. Although tonight I was thinking of the taste of the Diet Dr. Pepper and how it would be great to have a nice cold one. It was just a passing thought and I have no plans on ending my streak. I realize that this is the best for me.

My son had to work today. I had to get up early to take him, so I could have the car and go grocery shopping. Having to get up at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday is just too much for me. I did go back home and eventually fell back to sleep. I've been so tired today though. The only housework I got done was vacuuming and I had planned on doing more. After I picked Rocky up from work, we had to stop at a gun shop so he could purchase another gun. I don't like guns at all. Then he dropped me off at home and he went to a friend's house so they could clean their guns before they go to my brother's house out in the country to do shooting.

He got home at almost 8 p.m. That was when we took the dogs for a walk. They were so happy to be out there walking the streets. lol Here they have this big backyard where they can run all over and they seem to enjoy walking on a leash more. They are so cute. Love my babies.

Afterwards we went back to Walmart. It never fails I always forget something. They had pumpkins for $3.88 a piece. Rocky bought 3 of them to take tomorrow. They like to bring different things to shoot. He thought it would be fun to shoot up some pumpkins. Last time he took and old TV and printer and they shot them up. No paper targets for them. By the way, he decided he needed to buy weapons for the supposed zombie apocalypse that may happen. He is too funny. He loves all that zombie stuff.

Tomorrow while he's out at my brother's house, I am going to do some baking. I found a recipe for zucchini bread. I found a couple of Spark recipes. Plus, I'm going to bake a cake for his birthday, which is on Monday. We're each going to have a piece and then I'm going to have him take it to a friend's house. We both don't want to have it already all week.

Again, thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement. It's what keeps me going. Have a great Sunday!!
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