Saturday, October 06, 2012

This week I started this program, at the beginning I was a bit skeptical because I thought it was going to be the same as her previous dvds but even though the structure is the same (circuit training) this program is more focused on working different groups of muscles on different days and it's kind of more fun with the group here I am finishing my first week and kind of looking for more and hoping I can get to my goal weight or close enough by the end of the 90 days

my initial pic is here, I took it on 9/30/12

initial measurements: weight 170.4lb
waist 28"
hips 38.5"
thigh 20.5"
body fat 32.9%

finished my week one and now onto week 2, my measurements for week 1 are
weight 170.4lb
waist 28"
hips 38"
thigh 20"
body fat 32.3%
my biggest problem is the food...looks like I can't get a grip on going 1200 calories....that is always my downfall, I workout religiously but when it comes to eat I mess up...need to put on my mind really on this if I want the results I want

Finished Phase 1 and I'm happy with my results, they could have been better but still I notice improve on my endurance and lost 2.2 lbs so now into Phase 2.

my favorite workouts were WO1, WO2 and WO3 cardio 1 and WO4 were not too fond of me but still were very good.

PHASE 2 (WEEK 1): initial measurements
weight 168.2lb
waist 27.5"
hips 38"
thigh 20"
body fat 32.6%

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