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Saturday, October 06, 2012

First, I have shingles! WTH? Apparently it's brought on by stress. That makes sense. But it's cool this weekend and I wanted to get some serious miles in. And visit my Dad in Houston. What can you do? Take it easy and listen to my body. Which right now is saying, "Vicodin, dammit!"

These past two weeks were my worst yet for weight loss. 1.5 pounds. But hey, it went down! I did eat within my range, but the high end of my range nearly every day. And I didn't get enough exercise. I think now that the initial stage of grief and anxiety from my Dad's blood clot and move into a skilled nursing facility has sunk in, I can better balance coping with that and taking care of me. Initially, I felt somewhat immobilized. Also, it helps to have a good therapist. We've increased the visits to weekly for now. So helpful.

The big lesson here: Even when life gets difficult, you can stay strong (mostly) and keep taking good care of yourself. It's not as easy to stay in your groove, but it's very important to keep trying, to do your best. Even if you're not perfectly on plan, mostly on plan is significant. It truly helps you cope when difficult life events occur. If this had happened six months ago, I know this would have been a lot harder to manage. And I'd have been drinking way too much wine, no doubt.

So keep at it! This journey is important for health, self esteem, good sex (yes, I said it), happiness, and coping skills. I'd say having four out of five of those things isn't too shabby. I hope in the not too distant future to have the fifth. I'll let you guess which one is missing.

And thank you for all your comforting words on my recent blogs. Your support helps so much. I've never met you in person, and yet you are all so dear to me.

Rock on, awesome people!
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