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Saturday, October 06, 2012

It's getting fun now. On a lark, I wore a blousy short sleeved, tie in the back top on Monday. Everyone liked it and two people specifically told me they had never seen me in "feminine" clothes. So I have digressed all week from my normal "uniform" of capris and polo shirts. Yesterday was the first day back in full length jeans and cowboy boots with another tie in back blouse. Started wearing jewelry Wednesday along with the makeup I have reinstated into my daily routine because I actually AM feeling more feminine. Thirty four and a half pounds down and just one hundred fifteen and a half pounds to go. Yesterday, three of the male staff on my boys unit asked what I was "all dolled up" for. One of the boys that has ALOT of behaviors has been telling me daily "You look great, Ms. Connie!" Of course I had one on Tuesday say I looked like a pregnant nun, he wished my hand would get stuck in a blender and he wished the Incas would come back and pull out all my fingernails. How's that for creative?

I'm not really in the mood to get into reading any of the books I downloaded so I'm flipping around on alot of stuff but mainly going thru the music and videos I have on the Nook and deleting some. Guess this weekend I will back them up onto dvds and clean up the laptop as well...or maybe just leave them on the laptop after backing them up. I have to visit mom so I will have to figure out another cross stitch to work on while there and also have lots of cross town shopping planned too. I need to see if I am willing to step up my game to do any shopping in Sears since I just discovered that their gift cards cost alot less points from My Points than Home Depot gift cards. I know they have really good sales sometimes but I'm just not a mall type of girl...maybe that will change as I lose weight but I doubt it. Then again, Penny's is having a major clearance with $20 blouses for $3 so maybe...

One of the boys that we discharged a couple of months ago was readmitted yesterday but I didn't get to talk to him til today. When he said I looked different, I asked in what way..."I don't want to offend you or anything, but you look like you've lost weight." "Bless you my rarely offend a female by telling her she looks like she has lost weight. Believe me." One of the girls said I looked "cute". Now I just keep getting all kinds of ideas on how I really want to implement some pf my younger days dressing styles. I ALMOST tucked in my shirt today because of the belt rub from yesterday (since I am about to start HAVING to wear belts because of the annoyance of forever pulling em up) but I still have just a tad too much belly pooch to go that far.

I'm hoping that by the time the Counting Crows concert gets here I will be able to tuck in a CC tour shirt with a very goofball zebra belt, topped off with a BLAZER and man hat (my mind goes totally blank when ANY other day I would know the actual term) from my younger days. I used to actually have all the COLORED hats I used to wear in my going out days but they got squished. I'm sure I still have them but even tho one is teal, they are too far gone. Probably. Hmmm. On the way home, I made a major decision...I AM dressing up for Halloween this year since I have to eighties white fringed boots, my fedora (see, I CAN think when work is over) and my waist length blonde Halloween wig. So what kind of blouse? Do they still make them with sequins? Now I have really lost my mind and decided to copy some of my girls and look into buying real human hair opposed to fake human hair extensions. Me and one of Ron's friends actually GOT hair extensions when we first started dating but they were glued/sewn in in 1989 but I got tired of them falling out all the time...I will have to put my drivers license pic up from that time and give you a real experience.

Change, change, change. I am SO ready for the changes. I just realized that I have one more bag of the smaller clothes that I went thru but never brought into the house. I actually had to wear a belt last night...on the sixth hole instead of the first one as is my norm. I'm still cleaning out videos and mp3s from the Nook and now it's time to change the cds AND implement the rarely used cassettes in the car. And, as I said before: come up with the next big cross stitch project although Peggy gave me the idea that I really should figure out some kind of cute wood type project with the left over flooring and other house and cabin remodel supplies that we still have before Ron throws those out or burns them too. That is probably the best idea I've had all week because I have been feeling really restless and bored like I not only want something different but I really NEED more change to go along with the changes in me. Any project ideas?

I freaked out some poor staff at work today. They finally put keys to the golf cart on all the charge keys so now anyone can make off with it. We had someone having a meltdown on the other side of campus so I went and got medicine since the med nurse was in her own chaos and used the golf cart to bring it back. On the way, one of our therapists yelled at me to give her a ride so I told her to let me give the med first. I had to turn around to answer her and hadn't really seen her, just recognized her voice and saw her with two other ladies. When I gave the med, I see two of the three walking away so I was yelling at them that I didn't take THAT long...where ya going? I'm gonna give ya'll a ride! They kept walking away and I kept chasing them down. Finally, one of them, when she realized I was basically stalking them with the golf cart, told me that Stephanie had already left. I saw her later and told her the story and she laughed and laughed and laughed. Then she called me at the end of the shift and asked why her arm still hurt after her flu shot this morning. I lucked out since they made them mandatory this year. I have been so freaked over having to get one since I got so sick on the last one...nineteen years ago...

10/6/12 Saturday Night
Spent three hours shopping this morning and ended up buying hair extensions online for Halloween...and possibly even my Counting Crows concert! Who knows? Well, of course, Ron did it to me again but maybe I will at least get something out of it. He called yesterday saying he wanted me to get a hard case for his crossbow because his sights were getting messed up in the soft case. I told him that as long as HE paid me back for it, I was already planning on going cross town and had no problem with it. He said he was gonna call Academy to check on it and call me about it today. By the time I got to Academy, he hadn't called and that is when I realized my phone wasn't working at all...and I NEVER let it go below one bar down on the battery without recharging! So I used their phone to confirm that was the one he wanted but he didn't answer so I gave in and got it, leaving a message that if he didn't want this one, he would have to return it and get my money back. Half way through my visit with Mom, I realized I'm on call this weekend! I rushed home to see if I just needed to charge the phone and then Zack and I came up with the idea of taking out the battery at the same time and that fixed it. But Ron had never called after all. Luckily, work hadn't either. Ron snuck in all smiles after he saw that I had gotten it. Said when he found out how much it cost, he didn't even think it was worth asking me to get it. The case cost NINETY TWO DOLLARS after tax. Of course that's not the whole story.

AFTER I bought him the dang thing with the understanding that he was going to pay me back, he told me he really wasn't gonna have money to pay me back. What a surprise. I gave him the look and told him that for once I better be getting a Christmas present then. His answer was something totally off the wall so I REPEATED the look and the statement to which he asked what would I even WANT for Christmas?!?! I told him I was sure he could find me SOMETHING for ten or fifteen which he answered...Hey! Aren't you supposed to be going to some kind of CONCERT next month? Uh...yeah...a concert that, like all the others, I will be paying for both tickets, all the gas, and all the food. Counting down, this one coming up must be my fifth one. #1 with Ron's daughter and her boyfriend and friends, #2 with Kujo, #3 with my sister, #4 with my the daughter of my very first boss when I was fifteen, and for the first time I will be forcing my husband to accompany me on #5. SO!!! I told him that for ninety two dollars he can go the whole weekend without griping that there aren't any chairs, he's heard the same music for the past eighteen years, or he's bored. AND it should get me there by AT LEAST three pm since gates open at six thirty and it's general admission. He was shocked saying "I thought you already GOT tickets!" Yep. But Adam goes nutz sometimes and makes it more complicated. At least this is the cheapest set of tix I have ever gotten for them. Another trick by Dakota last night...he PROMISED to go to bed by midnite and when I caught him still up after one am he says, "But look who I'm listening too....!!!" I KNEW it was just a ploy! This time he was listening to Adam in an interview telling how he wrote some of his songs. Right.

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