Out of the obese bmi! Wooooot!!!!!!!

Friday, October 05, 2012

I haven't blogged in awhile because to sum it up I've been sick for two weeks battling a cough then cold then cough. It's been hard! Especially since I really wanted to work hard and couldn't. I did manage to get lite activity in some days and even some hard workouts, hiking and the last two days I walked 4 miles each day with tons of hills. I really want to loose another 15/20 by Halloween and make it to my 100lb lost goal. I know I may not get there but I will try my best. :)

So as of now (if the scale isn't lying) I weigh around 198, my waist is 40 inches. My highest recorded weight was 286 and recorded inches was 54, I also went from morbidly obese to just overweight. Awesome sauce!!!!!!

I've worked hard for my results but I can say it wasn't that hard to do. The biggest struggle is a mental one then a physical one. Pushing myself physically got easier as I progressed in my journey but it took a lot of strength to push through the mental part. My brain is the only thing that was stopping me from being healthy and sometimes it would try it's best to make me fail but I didn't let it. I trained it and now it knows lol.

The last few months have been really hard. I lost my best friend to the guy I thought I loved but now that I think about it I didn't love him I loved the idea of having him around. It has been the hardest pill to swallow and the hardest thing to get over. I still think about them and how their life is going and hoping they are doing well even though I wish I could just forget they existed. I doubt I will ever be able to do that. No matter how hard I was hurt by them I can't erase the love I had for my best friend. I guess everything happens for a reason and maybe If they where still in my life I would be headed down that path of destruction and unhealthiness again. Everything that happened only made me work 10x harder even though at times I wanted to just give up on life.

Today is my friday and I am very happy! It's been a long week in babysitting land with me being sick and watching a sick kid. And then today the 2yr I watch touched the hot wood stove and burnt her little hand so she is very emotional today. Poor kid :( Sucks when kids get hurt and you can't fix them. So I am trying to keep her happy with lots of popsicles and kung fu panda (her favorite lol). Hopefully she will forget about it before the end of the day so she can be the happy little kid she is. I get paid today although I don't make much it still makes me happy :D I am going to buy a new pair of jeans since I have grown out of my favorite pair of jeans which where originally my goal jeans. I'm sad they don't fit but super happy I am down another few sizes!!!!

One more thing before I go. I pride myself on the fact that I've lost 88lbs with no diet scheme or magic pill. I did it with pure determination. What many people don't get is weightloss is best succeeded through a lifestyle change. Yes you can loose weight on a program but a lot of times the program ends and it's up to your own will power and determination to keep off the weight. I have no problem with those who use aids but people need to realize there is no miracle cure outside of a healthy diet and exercise that is truly going to help you loose in the right way and keep it off. It's up to you to change and your creator of your body. I still splurge now and then and enjoy food and stay healthy. So is there any type of pill, shake, shot or magic sprinkles that you've used that has actually helped you loose weight and keep it off? I am not convinced there is any but maybe somebody can prove me wrong.

That's all for today, I need to finish jersey yes I like that show, I feel like I'm at a party without actually having to drink crazy calories.

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