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Running Friends - Honey Stingers?

Friday, October 05, 2012

I have a half marathon in a week, and I've been experimenting with fuel. Most kinds seem to irritate my stomach. I mostly choose to go without.

I recently tried honey stingers because I'd heard of runners on spark using them and happened to see them at an athletic store. My stomach tolerates them just fine but they don't seem to do much for me. So my question is how many of them do you take? They come in a package but I've only eaten like one or two at a time. Are you supposed to eat a package at a time? Maybe if I did they'd have some kind of effect. Not sure.

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    I avoid Honey Stingers because they taste too good, I'm afraid I'll overeat! How do you just eat one at a time?!

    I stick to gels (which don't excite me at all, sigh) and, as far as I can tell, don't do much for me physically but that's the way I've been trained. Frankly, I found cookies to be more of a pick-me-up than anything else although it's possible that's entirely psychological.
    2019 days ago
    Sorry, I don't have any experience with stingers. The general recommendation is 30-60 carbohydrates per hour (120-240) calories. 8 oz of Gatorade only has 50 calories and 14 carbs, so grabbing one at a table passing by isn't enough for an hour. Whatever you do, make sure you practice it on a run this week. The half is not the place to try something new!

    You'll do great! Where is your half? emoticon
    2028 days ago
    I use most all the Honey Stinger products and I'd agree the chews don't necessarily give a huge kick if only a few at a time, but then too many at a time, and it starts to feel like a mouthful of chewing. :)

    A couple things I do: I eat a full HS waffle about half to a full hour before race start. Then the chews kind of like Emma says (but I let my current feel be my guide). One thing I do is "eat" 1 or 2 at a time, but letting them slowly kind of melt in my mouth. Does that make any sense? (I see they now have a new Limeade flavor that contains caffeine, but have not tried them yet.) Then around mile 7 or 8 is when I feel I need an extra kick and take a HS gel. That is what really helps me. I have a hard time finding the gels, so am still experimenting on what flavor I want to be my "go to." I've found the original/honey and ginsting to taste like pure honey and a little hard to swallow (but not that bad), however the ginsting has a little added caffeine which helped me a LOT in the one race I used it. I also loved the chocolate and appreciated the higher potassium content (a specific need I have). All in all, I will say the Honey Stinger products are what my system tolerates hands down to GU, Hammer, Shot Bloks etc.

    I do think fueling is a lot of personal trial and error; and even then every run is different. Good luck!
    2028 days ago
    I've tried honey stingers for longer runs and races, but they didn't really seem to do much for me. Better than nothing but not by much. In my 10-mile race in September, I had the whole pack of 10 (about 4 at mile 3, then another 4 at mile 5, then 2 at mile 7). Maybe I should have had them all at once, but I found it was a bit too much volume to consume all at once, so I spread them out a bit over my walking breaks.

    More recently, I tried some Gu with caffeine and roctane during my 100 minute long slow run, and I noticed the impact of the Gu a lot more. But I seem to have a cast-iron stomach when it comes to sports nutrition.
    2029 days ago
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