Our Marriage--8

Friday, October 05, 2012

By early 1989 I had begun suffering from tremendous Water Retention and severe Cramps before my periods---making it impossible for me to reach for anything on the floor without suffering a spasm instantly.A visit to my Gynaec. Usha Tai revealed there was some complication in the Uterine lining--and this was the reason for both all the Menstrual pain that I went through each month--the heavy bleeding too. She suggested Cauterising of the Uterine lining and next month I landed up on her table---and the Cauterisation began.What was supposed to be a 5 minute Procedure got prolonged into a 35-40 minute one----and Mummy who was waiting in the outer Room became very worried.Inside Usha Tai was concentrating on hurting me as little as she could--for she had not given me a local Anasthesia for I had asked her not to since I'm allergic to it.Halfway through the Procedure she asked whether I'd prefer doing the rest of it the following month.By now I had decided to finish it for once and for all--and that done--she just sat and stared at me--in awe!!Mummy and Usha Tai were old friends and when she told Mummy how proud she should be of me because of the way I went through the entire process without a murmur for the first time in my life Mummy was overwhelmed--because of me!!
After this I began putting on weight--and went on to reach 105 kgs. in weight by May that year!!Finally I began Ayurveda as an alternative Treatment and brought down my weight from 105 kgs. to 75 kgs. within 3 months--thanks to Sunanda Tai's Treatment. After that a Golden period began--for Ayurveda had cured me of my Water Retention,excessive monthly bleeding and reversed my weight gain--my weight staying between 75-78 kgs.It also rejuvenated my Uterus to the extent of Usha Tai jokingly asking me whether we wanted to try having another Baby---for according to her my Uterus had become like a young woman's!!Life was good---but then in July 1996 I began losing weight excessively--almost on a daily basis and coupled with reduction in my 20-20 vision, Pilloo Aunty insisted on my getting a full Blood Test done.The Blood test revealed Diabetes--and a pretty severe one--and Sudhir took it way harder than me!!He began monitoring my Diet--and also asked Pilloo Aunty to give me a Chart of the dos and the don'ts---and a new phase in our lives began.
By August 2000 both Diabetes and me were beginning to get along fine and after Sayali left Sudhir and I too were getting to know each other once more--this time a deeper bond was building--that of Friendship and Mutual Understanding and our fights too reduced to bickerings!!Maybe it was because wer were older,our responsibilities were almost behind us and our two children had flown the coop--whatever the reasons may be we became even closer--till we almost became each other's identical twins!!The first tragedy to strike us badly after Atya passed away in 1994 was Milind's sudden unexpected death in February,2001---and Sudhir took it very badly.Both brothers were in the habit of staying in constant touch with each other--both physically and on telephone and Milind suddenly dying on him created a deep vacuum in Sudhir's life.For the first time I've seen Sudhir bottling up his feelings so much--because he was certain if he began letting go he might not be able to stop!!Once more the Tempo of our lives changed and this time definitely not for the better.Sudhir became irritable and short tempered and it took him almost 2 years to overcome this--could have taken longer if I had not fallen sick!!
Mumbai has always been home to a lot of Mosquitoes--basically having been a Swamp--but the strain of the Dengue Mosquito was a new developement. It was known to be fatal and when I came down with it it was still relatively new and only one Laboratory in Mumbai had the equipment to diagnose it!!The time I caught it was in many ways awkward--Sayali was coming home after 2 years and I was excited because this was the first time she was doing so after her marriage to Kartik.Unfortunately I came down with this 5 days before she landed and 2 days after she did an Ambulance took me to the Hospital and the ICU or ER--badly dehydrated and bleeding heavily--my periods were on then.All the Medical machinery swung into action and I was in ICU for almost 6 full days--it was my arguing with my Dr. Pai that got me transferred to a Private Room--on a solemn promise that I wouldn't talk at all!!Not very happy with the situation but had to agree--under duress!!!This time Sudhir was shaken pretty badly--for he'd had to face my mortality for the first 2 days I was in Hospital---and that really hit him very hard!!I again argued my way back home within 15 days--once more on the solemn promise of not deviating from the Prescribed Diet and Medications--and by 2nd. December 2002,Insulin and I had made an aquaintance--soon to develope into a very strong Bond!!
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  • BOVEY63
    I am amzed at how well you have accepeted and dealt with all the illness you have faced.
    2057 days ago
    I just can't stop reading...Thank you for sharing. emoticon
    2057 days ago
    OH Komal you really have had some dreadful health scares. You are tough though and have fought your way back to health.I am so glad you are so very determined for you are a treasure ! hugs,Cheri
    2058 days ago
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