Listening To My Body

Friday, October 05, 2012

I have spent years (decades) feeling guilty about what I ate, and how I looked. I'm done with all that. I have decided that, going forward, I am going to let my body decide what it should or should not do.

This means, though I will continue to shop for healthy food, and plan my meals, I will start to listen to my body and trust that it will guide me through the day.

So, when I am hungry, I will feed my body. My body will dictate what I eat or drink. If it needs some chocolate, I will give it chocolate. If it wants to eat carbs, I will give it some good carbs. And most importantly, I will NOT feel guilty. Even if I eat a meals worth of calories in dark chocolate and sweet potato chips. I firmly believe that my body needs the caffeine/sugar/salt/fat. I will trust that these are one-off situations (and not a daily recurrence.)

Exercise has always been hard. But, lately, I've decided that I will do what I really feel like doing - and not just mindlessly "hit the gym" every day. Sometimes, I feel like a walk after lunch. Sometimes, a mid-morning run. Sometimes, a late evening muscle toning. This part is still a challenge, but giving my body the freedom to choose an activity is less painful that forcing myself on a treadmill or picking up weights for 20 mins.

My body knows that I have to balance my life's demands - and it will accommodate it all. I have faith in myself.

I will no longer regret being "fat". Rather, I will understand that my body is not feeling comfortable and wants to change. So, I will let it adjust itself to where it wants to go. Be it reducing weight or gaining strength/stamina. Or having toned arms.

I will "help" my body by reading articles on health and well-being. I will learn how to exercise different parts of my body so that I have an idea of what to do when I get to the gym. I will challenge my body to learn things, and try them out. And I will be patient while doing this.

Also, I will sleep when I'm tired. Getting to bed by 10:30pm, taking mid-day power naps, doing meditation, sitting on my bed until I fall asleep - these are some of the things I will do. I will use the time for introspection, reading, and/or quiet time for myself.

I will listen to my body, and try to do what is natural to it. I will trust my body to guide me to a better place.
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