I ditched the 200 Club!!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

That's right for the first time in 10 years I weigh less than 200 lbs...This was the first goal I set to reach when I joined the gym and I have to admit that I was more than a little disappointed when I didn't reach it quickly.

It has taken me almost 10 months to loose 30 lbs. Not an excuse just the truth, when I started training to run my half marathon I was told by EVERYONE including coaches. That we are learning to be endurance athletes and weight loss should not be the priority because we could miss important recovery calories and foods. So I didn't go an a food free for all but I did have to change my eating habits again. I needed to add more calories on long run days, I needed to add More good carbs to my diet and heavy protein. I focused on learning how to run and recover properly. I did eat much better and cleaner but the weight wasn't dropping off. I'd have little losses here and there and sometimes a gain or two.

Then in August I was diagnosed with a wheat/gluten intolerance after horrendous stomach aches and problems sidelined my running for 2 solid weeks. So again I've had to re-learn how to eat . And I have to say it's much harder this time around. But I am starting to feel so much better! The bloating has gone away, the stomach aches have gone away unless I eat something with hidden Wheat or Gluten. And the weight that I have been struggling with has literally dropped off! I have lost 11 lbs since August and the only thing I've done different is gone WF/GF.

I feel great! The clothes that were just starting to fit a few months ago and now loose or falling off. I can say there our certain day's that I feel like I'm getting thin. I notice it in my face and neck the most. And I can run a little easier, I don't feel so heavy.

So bye bye 200's...sorry I've stayed so long but it's time for me to keep on keeping on! I won't see you again!
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