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I was sent a book in the mail that had my name in it. READ ON! .

Thursday, October 04, 2012

I walked with friends again today so I do not have to do Leslie tonight. The ladies walked very fast today and they were all talking about the debate. I am afraid I was looking at the views across the river, I left my camera in the car because we expected heavy rain it did not arrive. It is here tonight !.

Tomorrow is classes and I just feel like playing HOOKY, I did not do my homework and it is my own mind I am letting down. We were given the book and it is free but I still have quite a few pages to catch up on.

Speaking of books: about a year ago I had a spark mail from an author in California who asked me to read and critique his weight loss book. I like to do things like that so I said yes, I can do that.
He sent me a copy of the manuscript and it was good but it was not written for the majority of people. It was good but the vocabulary was not what most of us use daily. I thought about it long and hard and once again I cannot lie or let things go by if it does not feel right.
I mailed back to him and told him the book was very good but the people who use that kind of vocabulary are often those who are well educated and most likely work out and are professionals. I noticed the endorsements were from Drs and practitioners. I asked him if he wanted to be able to influence the other people who just want a good plan to follow. I told him he might not like it. Immediately said just tell me your thoughts so I did.
I felt a bit cruel but I said he should put the easy to read information at the front of the book. I advised chapter 1 should be at the back and the talk about plain losing weight in Chapter three should replace it. I mailed it ll back and this week one year later he asked me for my home address so he could send me acopy of the finished book.
It arrived yesterday and I have begun to read it.
I was delighted he had added my list to the acknowledgements and of course he wrote in it and signed it for me.

I am re reading the edited words and liking the changes so far. I felt quite honored he had gone along with some of my suggested changes.
There were other acknowledgements of course. He is a PHd and I really believe he is trying to be of help to the general population. As I read it I find myself thinking it would be a good book for some one wanting to help others to understand Nutrition and Exercise.

I am thinking it might just be a good book for young people to read, it might even be good for Jr. High school kids. I just thought about that and so now I will re read and think about it being suitable to that vocabulary level.

That could be a starting plce for teaching kids nutrition. I can say that because in England in my youth we did exactly that before we were eleven we were taught nutrition and hygiene.
Never thought about that till now. HUGS Pat in Maine.

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