Its been a hungry kinda week..

Thursday, October 04, 2012

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Seems like this week was a hungry kinda week. I kept getting hungrier than usual. so went over my calories a few hundred most days. not eating anything too terribal. usually its the extra fruit i grab that ends up adding up.
But somehow I did move down a tad on the scale. Half pound. Its NOT that much I know. but they do add up if I stay consistent and keep working on this goal I have.
I started at 210 pounds, on March 7th 2012. It's now Oct. 3rd 2010 and I am down to 154 pounds. I was a size 18 and I am now a size 8. I was in XXL shirts most the time and I am now usually a medium sometimes a large or xl in the teen sizes.
I can see I have potential to get this flabby body toned and strengthend. :)
I am gearing up for my hubby to come home tomorrow. He's been gone since August 14th I have dropped a size since he seen me last, or 11 pounds.
He wants to sign on to spark people now too. So that should be fun to have him join in on all this Logging and blogging and spark friend making :)
I dyed my hair today. so its really auburn looking now. the box said medium reddish brown. well its REALLY reddish brown now. lol but i like it. :)

this is me in the girls XL i accidently got last year.its fitting better now. lol this angle makes me look thinner i think, anyway.. ? lol i took some with my real camera today too. the side and front and back type pics. i'll post them later. my hair looks darker in this lighting. but in the light you can see all the red.
my hubby will love it :)

well, have a great week! we have a couple date nights planned so not so sure how the weight loss will go this next week either. but i'll be good 95 percent of the time. lol emoticon

Thanks for letting me share all my miscellaneous thoughts! :)

KEEP ON KEEP'N ON!! One good choice at a time and we WILL reach our goals!

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