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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

All that research and hard work has paid off for me.

This time last year my cholesterol was 210. It had NEVER been that high before. After all my research, and yaking about it constantly with all my SP friends (Thank you all for being so nice about it, lol) I figured out what worked.

Now my Total Cholesterol is 167, HDL 90, LDL 69, Triglycerides 38! I'm a happy camper.

The formula was simple, once I figured it out:

AVOID SUGAR and STARCH as much as possible;
Eat all the raw (or very lightly cooked/roasted/sauteed) veggies I can.

That's it. That's my Way Of Eating.

I still eat meat. Just not every day and not every meal of any day.
I eat a fairly high fat diet with real butter and lots of olive oil and a steak or pork ribs now and then.

The only thing a little off was my Thyroid. It's a little slow. Not much. Doc wants me to re-test in 3 months. No dietary remedies for that, unfortunately. It's hereditary.

Hey, can I blame that for taking so long to lose weight? LOL. NO. That happens because now and then I stray into pastry or pizza, lol. I'm not perfect. But I'm pretty sure you already knew that.


PS: I also monitor my Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure at home every day and I get a fasting cholesterol panel at my local pharmacy every 3-4 months. I think those numbers are important. How do you know how you're doing if you only get those tested once a year, or less? Hmmm?

I'll be 64 this month. Have to get it right.
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