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Training Journal: 10/01 - 10/03/2012

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

WEEK 13 (of 21)

Goal Race: California Marathon (12/2/2012)
Goal Time: 4:25 (BQ)
Goal Pace: 10:06 /mi

Miles Last Week: 43
Target This Week: 31
Race Pace Miles: 6


Distance: 6 miles

Intervals: :30/:20

Splits: 11:03 / 10:13 / 9:45 / 9:43 / 9:32 / 9:41

Notes: I ran right after strength training today, rather than before as I usually do. It took me a mile to make the transition into running mode. But then I felt surprisingly good. After the run, I soaked in the pool for about 20 minutes -- very refreshing. I don't why it has taken me so long to discover this. As I soaked, I gently massaged my calves.

Nutrition: 1 piece of candy every 2 miles
Hydration: Every 2 miles
Shoes: Merrill Dash Gloves (have gotten in a rut with the shoes)

Specific Endurance Intervals
Distance: 8 miles
1 mile easy
4 x 1 mile @ 10KP (8:50) w/ 2 min rec
1 mile easy
9 x 10 sec hill sprint

:40/:20 (1)
:40/:10 (2-3)
:35/:10 (4)
:30/:10 (5)
:30/:30 (6)

Splits: 10:07 / 8:36 / 8:09 / 8:27 / 8:38 / 10:53

Notes: I don't know what is going on with my brain. It's like I can't (make that won't) slow down. I switched all the way down to :30/:10 and I still run the same average pace that I did on the first mile using :40/:10. So you know I was pushing that run segment. I'm not sure why.

Maybe Cindy is right and I am just faster. I do know that I don't back off when it gets hard like I used to. And, obviously, I wasn't so tired as to be forced to slow down. I just seem to be in a phase where my brain wants to RUN. Of course, without the recovery intervals, the results would have been different, but still. . .

I had toyed with the idea of doing a Magic Mile on Sunday, but then I decided to sign up for the 10K instead. The way my brain is behaving, I may really flame out on that race. Should be interesting.

For the hill sprints, I set the incline to 8% and the speed to 8mph (7:30 /mi).

Nutrition: 3 dates before I left for the gym (so about 25 minutes before I started running); several pieces of candy during the run
Hydration: During the recovery laps
Shoes: Merrill Dash Gloves


Threshold Run
1 mile easy
2 miles @ HMP
1 mile easy
1 mile @ 10KP
1 mile easy


IBM Uptown Classic 10K
6 miles
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