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Absence Does Not Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

*****Disclaimer: the following blog is me putting into words some personal accomplishments that have been huge milestones into making a change. It's just me patting myself on the back.... you've been warned*******

Unlike my once long distance relationship with Peter, who is now my fiance, absence does not make the heart grow fonder when it comes to working out. The further working out goes away from you, the more easier it is to forget about it. Trust me, I have welcomed it back into my life many a time before shutting it out completely. It is a lot easier to just not do it. Change is hard. We are used to routine, we are habitual animals. I have heard it takes over three weeks to create a routine but more than three months to break a bad habit. Letting health be absent from your life is a really bad habit that needs to be broken!

I want to report a fairly significant success in my personal life. I have been given every reason to just stop, to quit. It is like there is some force out there that is routing against me to give up. I have been unemployed since September 7th. I have no money, and barely any job prospects. This one aspect alone is killing me! I started to set up a routine I had been fairly comfortable with: adding more healthy foods into my life, working out after work, buying a weight scale, food scale and new work out shoes. Then the income flow was taken out from under me. My natural instinct tells me to curl up in a ball and turn on the tv and forget about what is happening: to escape. I started to do just that. I shut out the outside world for a week. Sure, I made an effort to connect with my outside contacts, applied for a few positions... but the couch was my home. I ate the rest of the fresh fruits and veggies that week.

While I was eating that last bell pepper, I thought to myself, what now? My wedding date is still set for April and I want to look good for that. If I give up I will still have to deal with the choices I make now in April. And wedding aside, I want to wear shorts and tank tops again without feeling like I'm exposing too much. Putting off my weight loss journey will only bring me down further. I may not be able to afford much more than pasta and sauce, but working out is free. Frozen fruit and vegetables are cheap enough. So I began to pick things up again.

Then something happened that usually puts any efforts to working out to rest for good: I got sick. Of course I don't work out when I'm sick... but in the past I have never gone back to working out when I recovered. This time I did. It was an incredible feeling. I have the spark community to thank for that. I had joined a challenge in one of my groups and I did not want to let my team down... that is the reason I got back to the gym.

Another thing that I have never been good at is taking my eyes off of the big picture long enough to celebrate the small successes: I have been able to lose one pound a week, and maintained my weight during the week I was sick, I put up a collage of positive, inspiring images in my apartment, I put up a picture of myself when I was at the weight that I desire to be at again, I do not get frustrated with setbacks. Yay!

So, in an effort to not let working out fade into the distance... I will continue to fight the good fight so that I can look back at her and say I am proud of her, she made me who I am today.

So there it is... I was also going to chat about an interesting situation at the gym last night, but I think I'll save that for another blog.

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    So proud of you! These are huge successes! I know what long distance relationship feels like (in regards to a loved one) because AJ is long distance for me too... but you are right about having to work really hard to not let long distance be the case with workouts. I also relate to you in regards to not wanting to work out when you feel sick.... there is a balance (dont kill yourself to get a workout in)... but pushing yourself (even if you feel sick) many times can make you feel so much better!
    2059 days ago
  • SH9719
    You are showing incredible strength. I have been unemployed for almost 6 months. I have used the last 3 to focus on the process. I am fortunate to have some cushion and sources of some outside income. The other day I was turned down for a job that should have been mine. I thought about binging on some food. I even went into the bedroom with a big bag of pita chips and a huge bucket of hummus. I even planned on skipping a regular workout session. Then my son returned from a business trip with a pair of size large t-shirts which he knew was my target size. The thoughtfulness of the action snapped me back and I have refused to allow that set back to derail this effort. I am dedicated to separating the drive to health from my professional and financial issues. You appear to be successful doing the same thing. I wish you continued success.
    2059 days ago
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