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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I always overwhelm myself. It's like I just can't help but involve myself in everything that is going on all the time. Maybe it is a psychological disorder... because I just can't seem to stop doing it.

So reunion is this weekend. It's a laid back affair. All we have to do is provide food. Most of the planning committee are bringing in carry in type items. I am going to make some peanut butter oatmeal cookies that are pretty darn good. But I have to meet the treasurer on Friday at 5:30 to get the class money that she is pulling out of the account, and various other things.

My Color Run is also the same day as my reunion. I've been back at jogging trying to train for it. I need to put my uncle David's name on the back of my white shirt I will be wearing during the run because I am doing this in his honor (for the leukemia/lymphoma society). He died in 1988 to Leukemia, and due to his death, I gained an older brother and younger sister, as their mother was not capable of taking care of them - my mom stepped up to the plate. Our family has never really been the same since his death. It's like that is when everything fell apart. Talk about one person's life impacting so many.... Anyway on top of finishing my shirt, I have to oil my hair the day of the race to keep the color from soaking into my blonde highlights, find some swimmer goggles to wear through the paint stations, and also get a bandanna to wear to protect my breathing passages from the paint (dust).

My co-worker called off today, so I have to work till 6:00p.

I am in the works of getting some McDonalds peelers from a local company to start that fundraiser for the Dance Company (very excited to be able to help the instructor and get this running).

My other co-worker's daughter in law is here 1/2 a day today with her nearly 2 year old daughter. Who screams a lot. Who is spoiled rotten. Who is cute a a button, and I really like... but she makes doing my job almost as difficult as having my bratty 5 yr old here. Almost.

Now.... rant off. I know my obstacles. I know how I will handle each of them. I see clearly what I need to do and I am going to do it!

The awesome things in life:
It's fall! My favorite time of the year. Thinking about cutting out of my reunion early to go haunted housing with my friend Heather!
I get a kid-free evening Saturday as mom is willing to keep the girls overnight so I can go to my reunion.
I jogged last night.
I woke up with a back pain level of a 1 today - feeling awesome! Not quite sure what I did differently, but hey - I'm going to take this!
I got all my hand stitching on my corset done last night, and I will start machine stitching the boning tonight. This part is tricky and makes me nervous, but I CAN DO IT.
My life is good!!!!!!!!!!

Today's weight: 191.6

Monday: 5K training emoticon
Tuesday: Pilates emoticon
Wednesday : 5K training
Thursday: Yoga
Friday : Yoga
Saturday : Color Run... with real runners!
Sunday: Pilates

Have a fantastic day today my friends!!!

emoticon T.
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