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Getting Back To It

Monday, October 01, 2012

Last Friday I had my last visit with my physical therapist. She did some strength tests, looked at my range of mobility and tightness, asked about pain levels, brought me into the gym to do lunges with dumbbells and strength moves with a resistance band, and asked how I was feeling. I said I felt great!

We talked about the game plan to get back to the gym. She recommended I keep on the treadmill where I can control incline for a while before I start walking/jogging from my house which sits at the top of a hill. She suggested I try intervals to increase my speed slowly. At that point, I asked the question which has been burning inside me for the last EIGHT weeks.

Me: So, most of what I enjoy doing at the gym involves weights. How long before I can do weighted leg exercises?

PT: Start now. Just start slowly. So what were you doing? Like squats with the bar?

Me: Yeah.

PT: Okay so start with one or two moves so that if something flairs up, you'll know what caused it. So if you were squatting like 50lbs before....

Me: Like, 160lbs

PT: ...........okay, yeah, no. Start with 50lbs, then. hahaha.

Me: Okay. I'll just work with the bar to start.

So the appointment finished up and she told me she'll hang onto my chart for a month during which time if I have any problems, I can call her. After that, I'd have to go back to see my doctor for an appointment.

So can you guess what I was up to today?

Hey, if I can only squat 45lbs, I might as well superset it with OHPs, right?

Awesome Husband also did this move while I did normal cable curls. I named it "The Ultimate Bro".

It felt so good to be back to it and I am completely exhausted now. Here's to how I feel tomorrow!
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