Kick starting my motiv8n2lose...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I stopped emoticon and thought about what direction that I am heading.
What will I be saying and complaining about in 6 weeks. I fast forwarded to
November and I could see myself complaining about the weight I gained
and my clothes that I am starting not to fit anymore.
Oh and then I noticed my thighs WoW!, they are starting to rub again emoticon .
.that is when I jumped up and went for a walk/ jog in the dark and the fresh air
felt really good. I was able to think and convince myself to get back on track, girl,
you worked to hard to give up now. I don't know what happened to me the last couple of weeks, but I was noticing my appetite increased big time.
My work out days were getting shorter and shorter. I was losing motivation to get
moving.. why??? I don't know...

Yesterday, was my final day of giving in to my cravings.
I have been awful. emoticon

I am going to confess what I ate on Saturday, September 29,2012-
-so hold
on tight..

It started...
1)at work at 3am --1 small bag of lays potato chips with hot sauce.
2) Starbucks fruit flavored energy drinks
when I got off work I ran into my grocery store and bought some items..
Never go into the store Hungry!!!!
3) I ate 2 small frosted cream cheese pistachio cakes..oh my emoticon
4) finished up the rest of the cinnamon sugar crackers in my bed
while on the computer... emoticon

and then I laid down for my nap after working all night... emoticon

after 3 hours of resting I went into kitchen and grabbed a

5) handful of wheat thins crackers..well munched that through out the day
6)hot chocolate
while watching television emoticon then I grabbed
7) 1 Big bowl of 100% Oats & Honey granola cereal
8) and to end the day.....drum roll please.......
-A big bag of Pop Secret popcorn,,,yeah...with my hot sauce. emoticon

It's not a secret that I over did felt bad just writing this.. emoticon
I realize that was my worst day ever...that is why I said I must kick start emoticon
my motiv8n2lose
. I have worked so hard ..oh by the way, are you
wondering what I ate so far today.?. Well it's 5:48p EST and
for breakfast I had 3 Vitamin C gummies and small bowl of the oats and
honey cereal and then after that I put Zumba in the Wii and danced about
30 minutes.. then just about an hour ago I had a salad, made up of lettuce,
onion, carrot, tomato, 1 egg, cheese and some crunchy toppings with ranch dressing.

I had a sweet tooth after that so I had a cup of hot chocolate. I think I have
made better choices today. I am about to walk or maybe do some more dancing..but I know one thing, this chick is not going to give up. I am back to reality and a wake up
call is what I needed. I'm finally back to skating and I can't wait to do it tonight...

I'm back ya'll ..I'm back... emoticon
I noticed I haven't had any H2O today,,so I'm off to emoticon

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