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Honesty Blog #1

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear Body, You are really getting on my nerves by keeping me awake at night! How do you suppose I am suppose to help you get fit and healthy if I am not rested? I am doing the sleep better challenge and so far, it hasn't helped a drop so you are just going to have to stop playing the night owl game cold turkey!
Oh yeah, and another thing, your motionless party is OVER. You are going to the gym tomorrow! NO EXCUSES! If you don't move it, you don't lose it and "it" as in the weight is making my feet hurt very badly! Body, it's not going to be easy, especially in the beginning, but we can do this! My goal is to go from looking like this: emoticon to looking like this emoticon Of course, I do hope that I will still have the hair on my head unlike the little emoticon. emoticon

Dear Mind, I have told you a million times to lock the door and windows so fears and doubts can't get inside! Confidence and optimism are always welcome but those little what ifs that keep trying to rob me of my peace of mind need to be put away for life! Stupid little hoodlems! Mind, you really need to just breathe and calm down! Enjoy the present moment! emoticon

Dear Body (again)
emoticon Tongue/taste buds: Why don't you like vegetables? You used to like cooked vegetables, what happened? I know you enjoy fruit but why can't you love vegetables just as much? You are complicating my efforts. Please, work on your relationship with vegetables and reconcile. Thank you very much! emoticon

Brain: You loved exercise once and you wouldn't allow me to skip any day, except my one day off, Sunday. I know you can learn to fall in love with exercise again. I promise to choose fun songs to get us pumped up and get the endorphins flowing! emoticon

Feet: You have a good pair of sneakers, they feel good on you. Now, stop hurting when I am not wearing them. I am sorry I have way too much weight on my short frame for you to carry and I am promise to work on that to get it off but what else have I ever done to you? You never ached before so I would greatly appreciated if you stopped. emoticon

Dear clothes, I am really glad you are here so I can wear you but I hate your fugly guts. I have to dress like a frumpy ol' bag because they don't make many cute plus size clothes and the clothes that are cute are too darn expensive! Maybe, just maybe you could try a little harder not to look so ugly. Oh and pants, maybe you could lose some length. Not all of us fatties are tall, ya know?

Dear regular sized clothes, I don't when and it may be a while, but I am coming for you! emoticon

Dear cameras, Stop trying to scare me. I may run away from you sometimes but I have a feeling we will become best friends once I ditch some this weight!

Speaking of weight, dear Weight, I HATE YOU! You frustrate me and when I ditch you don't follow me like you did last time! Be prepared cause you are going bye bye! emoticon

Dear Mind, I need to have a longer chat with you but I don't think it will do any good, so lets consult our fellow sparkers and ask them to send a little encouragement our way.

Hi Sparkers. Some things have been weighing on my mind lately. For the last couple of years, I had to put my life on hold due to medical and other issues that were out of my control and now I am ready to push the play button. This is where my anxiety comes in. I think I will have to check the windows for new locks because anxiety keeps breaking in! Little Pest!

I am feeling a bit behind in life. I know life is not a race but that is how I happen to be feeling. You see, I am still trying figure out what I want to do when I "grow up." I have considered many things but doubt still gets the best of me at time and nothing conquers doubt, except faith in yourself. I am making strides, but still working at it every day. My friend reassured me yesterday and said this:

"You are off on the side of the path, resting by a tree, deciding which direction to take next." I loved her analogy. That did make me feel better but I am tired of resting and would like to commit to a direction! I also lover her analogy because it applies to many aspects of life.

I feel so funny with everyone else already starting their careers and getting married already. emoticon (If you are curious about my age, it's early twenties. :)

That is what is weighing on my mind. My first honestly blog. It was both fun and therapeutic to write. If you don't write, I highly recommend it. :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up too.....

    2089 days ago
    Great blog! Thanks for the inspiration because I have gained a couple of pounds for the first time in a year. I seem to be self-sabotaging. I will follow your example and have a little talk with my various rebellious body parts. You have a good handle on what's happening with you and that will take you far towards your progress. As for your age, you have plenty of time to discover who you are. I am 60 and still figuring out that one. LOL emoticon
    2090 days ago

    I LOOOOVE your blog! Love it!

    It is hard, when you are going through life, to see it as "not having arrived" when you compare it to other people's lives. As someone old enough to be your mom, please know- you have your entire long life ahead of you. God has given you this day, today, to do your best and be your best. Try not to look too far forward, or back. Don't rush through your life to keep up with others. Today is really all that matters.

    Wishing you sweet dreams, and keep writing!!
    Clicking on that box to subscribe!!
    2090 days ago
    I love how you write to every part of you and speak directly and firmly. I do that a lot, but be ready for some very stubborn parts and have to keep going back to push them along. As far as marriage, career and such you are only in your twenties, a WHOLE life ahead of you(lets put it this way my DH is upper 30's and is just NOW going to school for his career. You are peppy and fun and well worth listening to, give yourself the well deserved time to get to your destination. By this blog I would say you have at least stood up by the tree and are no longer sitting, its a start HUGE emoticon
    2090 days ago
    I like the letter to your body/mind/weight - cute. emoticon emoticon
    2090 days ago
    Good luck to you! We'll all be pulling for you!
    2090 days ago
  • EOWYN2424
    You can do it!
    2090 days ago
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