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Saturday, September 29, 2012

So I posted the A1C number on my last blog, and it was a 5.8. I knew instantly it wasn't good but upon more research I came to find out that it is indeed considered pre diabetes.

I'm not worried at all. Is that cocky or arrogant? Maybe it is. But here is why. All these things I've read have said the #1 way to reverse it is by losing weight and adding exercise. Well I've been doing that for 6 months. If I had been doing nothing about my health, that number would have thrown me for a loop and a lot of reevaluation on my part. But that isn't the case. I don't need to spring into action now, based on a number... I sprung into action 6 months ago when I dropped this 40 pounds.

Even my diabetic Dad who is completely obsessed with that kind of stuff (and rightfully so), he did not even lecture me for a second about the "alarming number". And let me tell you, he loves to lecture me, and well, ANYONE! He simply said that continuing what I've been doing for months would be what it takes to lower that number and make myself healthier in all counts.

Even for giggles, I let Spark People change my nutritional ticker for those with diabetes/pre diabetes, and it left my calories alone. It lowered my carbs, fat and protein. I put in a typical day of what I eat out of curiosity, and I was well within the diabetic ranges which were even a tad more strict than the regular Spark ranges.

So that is where I'm at at this point. I left my ticker on the diabetic settings, because I figured that is the best thing for my current situation. If the number stays the same or goes up when I go back next year, that will blow my mind, because I fully intend to lose 40-50 pounds in the next year (if it takes THAT long), and that will be a separate can of worms. But thank goodness everything I read said even losing 5-10% of your weight can reverse it, and I am going to double that. So according to everything I've read, that number should absolutely be a lot better by this time next year, after a loss of 40 or 50 pounds.

With that said, I am taking a huge step back from Spark for a little bit. Now time out... it's not what you think. I am still going to talk to my circle of friends on a daily basis, I am still going to comment on their blogs regularly, I am still going to log in everyday, log my fitness, track my calories. I am still going to continue to participate in the BLC 20... So I guess I mean I'm just going to step back from the blogging and the putting so much of myself out there. It seems that you can't put yourself out there without getting a shred of negativity from someone, and I can have 20 amazingly supportive comments, but 1 remark from someone that is... not so supportive can send me for a tailspin. So for the time being, the only blogs that are going to come from me will be BLC 20 related, OR milestone related (60 pounds lost, 70 pounds lost, NSV, etc). I think that is what is best for me at this point. :)

*And just to add, if you are one of my TRUE and fabulous Spark Friends, you can be assured this does not pertain to you. emoticon *

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i COMPLETELY understand!!! oh I don't know how many times the only reason i didn't just flip out on someone was being negative was because of you! so I'm glad you are around and I plan on you being around me lol! and I'm here if you need me!
    2028 days ago
    Oh ive missed you SO! lol
    2029 days ago
    I have had several negative comments and sparkmails.. I know exactly what you mean. It really brought me down and made me not want to spark as much. Keep up the great work!
    2030 days ago
    emoticon big hugs
    2032 days ago
    I love this. I am considered prediabetes too b/c I have PCOS. So I can totally relate to all of this. I didn't even think to set my settings that way. I may do that too! So glad you are going down a healthy path to ensure you will never become diabetic! :)
    2033 days ago
    You're on the right track, girl! Sorry that someone upset you...
    Can't wait to be reading about your milestones and NSVs!!

    2033 days ago

    I enjoyed your blog. Thanks, and best wishes on your journey!
    2033 days ago
    Don't let anyone get you down. You are amazing.. and we all know you will lose that amount and beat the diabetes that was creeping into your life. Glad you already had a head start because that will probably make things a little easier for you in the long run. Keep up the good work you've done so far and you will hit your goals before you know it!
    2034 days ago
    You are doing great looking into things and working on getting healthier!! emoticon
    2034 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    Keep calm and carry on...because you were headed in the right direction to begin with! That is so great and I am glad you didn't get another lecture from your dad...I know how diabetic dads can be, lol!
    2034 days ago
    You do what you need to do. If you think you need to take a break from blogging (with the exceptions you mentioned) then you do that and whatever else you feel like you need to do in order to keep your Spark space positive. This experience is hard enough without having to deal with comments that you feel aren't influencing you positively.

    Not gonna lie, though, I was a little nervous when you said you were going to step back for a little bit, but then you said you were still going to track, chat, and be involved with your BLC group. I still want my blog comments, dang it! :)

    2034 days ago
  • CRISSA1669
    Whooo Hoo!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read your blog about this!!! Congratulations on NOT freaking out!!! You are doing what needs to be done to turn this is neither cocky or arrogant, it's the facts What you are doing is taking your health seriously because the statistic is 2 out of 3 is or will be pre-diabetic in the next 5-10 years. Keep on going!!! Your health and life is worth all of the effort you are putting in. :)
    2034 days ago
    Congratulation on the losing the weight you have lost!!!

    Just to let you know, losing weight sometimes doesn't always help. I lost twenty pounds in four months, went back to my doctor and found out my cholesterol is still high (had to be put on meds for that), and though my Metformin is helping my glucose levels ( I have pre-diabetes IR, or insulin resistance), I am in no way in the clear.

    Everyone is different, and I can't stress this enough. Just because 90% of the pre-diabetics out there get better by losing weight, still means that 10% (like me won't).

    Just be careful and continue to check your numbers. I hope that it (your numbers) get better fast!

    Congrats again on the weight loss and your continual journey towards better health!
    2034 days ago
    emoticon on the weight you have lost! emoticon and you will knock that A1C number down. I am currently using the SparkD prediabetes meal plans. emoticon
    2034 days ago
    I am so glad that Spark has such a handy tool to use! And I am 100% on board with your non-panic solution, because you are right- you are already working on it! I am sad to hear that you are taking a step back. I need to also, but am thinking that instead, I'll make my page private. I want to be able to have the arena to share, but DON'T want the judgement that comes with an open page... It's something I'm thinking about...
    2035 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Your on the right track and when you eat healthier and excercise things really reverses for the better! Blessings ,BONNIE emoticon
    2035 days ago
    I hear ya! Umm let me say that I am SO glad that I am in that circle of friends! I just couldn't stand to not hear from ya! That being said and out of the way. You ROCK!! I love that you are all over this and on top of researching things for yourself. You can do this because you are doing it! I totally understand you decision to pull back. I support you in that. I have been there before! Hmm recently in fact! lol

    You just do what you have to do! I am right here with ya! emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    2035 days ago
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