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Ownership of organic companies - An overview

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I just found this website and thought it had some interesting information about organic companies and who owns them. It makes me even more committed to grow some of my own food and buy local and seasonal for a lot of the rest.

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    I didn't know that about silk, I"m so disappointed!
    2029 days ago
  • GLC2009
    wow, that was an eye opener. i spend so much time reading labels at the grocery store, i should get paid for it. but, i have to admit, i don't often read who the actual owners of the label are. i'm reading the ingredients for the most part. now, i have something else to look at.
    fortunately, i too, am buying very little pre packaged food anymore. it's a process!
    2030 days ago
    Erin, I bet they are growing their own, because they KNOW.

    If I could figure out how to grow everything myself, I would. I have not trusted capitalistic companies to process my food ever since we learned the flagrant research and subsequent lengths the cigarette manufacturers went to to knowingly hook us on their products. I believe they are doing the same thing with our foods with no regard for our health. So what is the answer? I Do have 4 4x4 square foot gardens, growing organically from supposedly organically grown seeds, no GMOS. And I plan to expand to 8 frames in my spring garden. But I have a small plot of land in a residential area. Can't handle the coconut oil, olive oil, or enough beans and grains to have what I need for the year. I question the ethics of food processing companies who say they will continue to add additives because they can. So what are they having their farmers add because they can.

    Not because it is healthy. But expedient? cheap? the way it's always been done?

    And they can just stop telling me that they are concerned about the rising rates of obesity or cancer or hear disease or arthritis or diabetes or high blood pressure, and on and on.

    What I'd really like to know is how many of our illustrious politicians currently in office or running for election have major interests in these major food companies.

    And I question some of the ads that make it on to Spark People. I know we need funding to keep the community going. But when I move around the site, I have an expectation

    • that I will be presented with healthy information
    • that someone won't be trying to sell me something that is detrimental to my health
    • that hovering over or clicking a link will either take me to a definition of that word, or more information about that word, not an ad about something entirely different.

    I know in a community such as this, there will be many different ideas about what is healthy or not healthy. But I do believe that SP has basic tenets as far as diet and exercise. SP needs to be sure the advertisers they allow on board will be respecting those basic tenets.
    2030 days ago
    2030 days ago
    Great info link. Thanks, Birgit! It was good to see that the brands I purchase are genuine. I don't buy much packaged stuff at all so that cuts down on the chances of being duped by bogus adverts. It's funny, when Burt's Bees products started showing up in large, eye-level displays in supermarkets here instead of in small booths at craft fairs, I instinctively started distrusting the name!
    2030 days ago
    Thanks for the link, more food for thought!
    2030 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    Thank the good Lord there are people out there that still grow the real deal and there seems to be more and more out there as well...moving over to healthier options. To bad these handlers can't see where the big money is at...real organic foods. I bet they eat organic and not their crap they sell.
    2030 days ago
    what an eye opener!!!
    2030 days ago
    I am dumbfounded, so many brands I shop and trust..
    2030 days ago
    Wow a lot of these we dont' get here but still an eyeopener! thanks and nwo gotta run to go meet a new spark friend. hugs
    2030 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Yes, it's quite disturbing when you realize how these mega corporations have taken over so much of the organic market. I think they call it "greenwashing". I'm really glad the place I get grass-fed beef has partnered with other local farms to offer a larger variety, including bacon as of this week! And there's pork, chicken and catfish, as well as eggs.
    2030 days ago
    The bonus is you have very fresh produce on your doorstep
    2030 days ago
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