WLBS - Day 18/80 My Good News!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello everyone!

This week has been both a rough week and a good week. I survived my two treatments and have only three more to go before I am done and I also finally found out where I am headed after I finish the treatments! I am getting referred to someone that I am dubbing a "super specialist" at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. I was super excited when the nurse told me, because if I could have picked anywhere to go, that would have been it! Barnes is considered one of the countries top hospitals and it's Urology services specifically are some of the most advanced in the country and are given high marks across the board (they are 9th in the US and 1st in Missouri) . I have also heard through the IC community that they have some of the nicest doctors and most excellent care. Long story, short, if anyone can help, it would be these guys.

After some rather strenuous research my Mom and I also found out that it will be covered by my insurance, so SUPER WOO! Now I am just trying to patiently find out when my appointment will be and hoping desperately that it won't be like six months from now (if you could be praying on that, I would really appreciate it!). This is the first time in a long time that a little bit of hope has peaked the horizon, so I am struggling not to just grab on for dear life and pin everything on this.

In the weight loss realm, things are moving along steadily, I am at 208.2 as of yesterday and my goal is to be at 205 by my last treatment, which is eleven days away. I feel like 3.2lbs is a totally doable number in a little less than two weeks. I am also trying to add in exercise as I can, which has been tough and painful, but I am determined to continue some form of activity. Right now I am doing mainly walking (sometimes just walking in place if I don't feel I can make it through my usual route), a little bit of dancing for variation (and cause I enjoy it), and a strength move or two when I can take it.

A recent frustration has been persistent nausea (a result of meds and treatments) that messes up my eating. I am thankful in some ways, because it makes it much harder for me to overeat, but at the same time, some days it makes it very hard for me to even meet my minimum calorie allowance. I am working very hard to make this pre-surgery change something that I can stick with even after surgery, so I don't want to mess up my metabolism any more than I already have!

My poor body, it is just falling apart. emoticon emoticon

Right now, my entire family is sitting around the dinner table enjoying homemade slow cooker minestrone soup with fresh Italian bread. Want to know what I am having for dinner? Cheerios. As if I needed another reason to hate IC.

Sorry, whining. emoticon

Thanks for bearing with me! Much love to all of you!
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