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Let's Get Physical, Physical!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay, I'm a dork. Old news. But that is what came to mind when I had to go to my physical. So I haven't been in 3 years. I don't know, just not a fan of being told I'm fat and need to lose weight. I've known that since about age 12, and don't need some chick to tell me that again.

My dad (who has always been super active and healthy), my grandma and uncle all have diabetes... so I thought I should kind of figure out where I stand. So that was my main reason for going. I got so much stuff done, I feel a little violated LOL, my arm is still sore from the tetanus shot, and got a flu shot too.

So this was my first time getting the A1C, and I'm a 5.8. It was pretty confusing at first, because I read on one line that up to 6 is "normal range" and then the next line down on any given site says that is considered pre diabetes. From what I understand (and anyone who can correct me, PLEASE do. I am just now learning about all of this through google LOL), under 5.7 is considered a normal/healthy range and 5.7-6.4 is prediabetes with diabetes begins at 6.5.

That is definitely an eye opener, and it honestly wasn't shocking. Considering my weight issues and family history, I knew it wouldn't be an outstanding number or anything like that. So it now gives me something to work towards.

Everything else might I add was all good and in range! My cholesterol and things of that sort have dropped a lot since 2009. The weirdest thing is, I MUST be growing up (finally) LOL, because now I WANT to go back next year for my physical and "beat" my numbers. Before I was just thinking about the numbers on the scale, but now there are other numbers that are a factor.

I am very thankful for my health, especially with being as overweight as I was, and still am, and I am going to continue to fight to keep it that way. :)

Edit: After hours of reading, I do understand that it is considered pre diabetes. My blood glucose test came back beyond normal, so that part was good but I know according to the other test it is considered pre diabetes. The outstanding news is that everything I've read has said losing just 5-7% of your body weight can help reverse the problem. Since I fully intend to lose another 40-50 pounds, I am hopeful that I will be able to reverse this between now and next year.
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    Great job in getting better numbers and making progress to better health!! emoticon
    2086 days ago
    Great report from the doctor. It should relieve your mind to know that things are not too bad and will keep on getting better. emoticon
    2087 days ago
  • BISCO_
    I am walking your same path with the A1C. Mine came back 5.9 and yes I'm afraid. I'm a nurse and I know the toll diabetes takes on the body. Getting this number hasn't kicked my butt enough for me to want to exercise.....:(. My doc/lab said a 6.1 would be a diabetic diagnosis... so maybe it differs a tad depending on labs.. not sure. I appreciate Losin_It4good's explanation. I started SP in the 270s.. and it's been quite a while (with inconsistent participation) on SP...and only recently I was able to break the 270s mark... it's been years of yo-yoing that 10lb range and never entering the 260s.

    I know it feels awesome to be down 50lbs from that weight. emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2087 days ago
    Hugs. You can do it, rock star!! Just keep on going...

    I hate going to the GP, even more than the gyno or getting a mammogram. I totally get it.

    Keep on being fabulous, Ms. Thang ;)

    2087 days ago
    I'm so glad everything came back good for you. After going through soooooo much in my health...which is still happening...I really know what it means now to be in good health and how I took it for granted. Although my health wasn't perfect, it was WAY better than it is now. So it is such a blessing! My weight issues started around 11 years old. I swear we are so much alike. Lol. And thx for the comment on my page and blog. I aprpeciate it. :)
    2088 days ago
    Haha! You must be growing up if you want to go back to the doctor!

    I'm glad you now have something else to work towards, though. Diabetes runs in my family as well so I usually keep that fact in mind as well while I'm losing this weight. My mom has it and it is so expensive! I mean, I know it's also a disease but unfortunately the expense part speaks to me more than the health issue.

    Imagine where you would be if you didn't lose this 50+ lbs? I don't know if you would go to the doctor, but who knows what kind of problems could have creeped in?

    If you keep going, which I know you are, then your numbers will only get better and the risks go down, down, down. :)
    2088 days ago
    Very Motivating!!! I like going for my physicals. Every time I have went my numbers have drop... even if its just a little!
    2088 days ago
    .•° ✴ °•.
    Wishing you a
    fun and fit Weekend!!
    .•° ✴ °•.

    I am a diabetic Type 2 and I agree with what Losin'It says in response to your HA1C number. It's not a disastrous number but it's a number that gives you a clear call for lowering it. You now know that you are in the "borderland". Losing weight, keeping an eye on your blood glucose readings, and exercise can make all the difference.

    Do you have a Blood Glucose monitor? You might want to invest in one and do some tracking (this will not take a lot of time nor a lot of money) and you can get a lot of great information about how your body responds and when it responds to certain foods, stress, time of day, etc.


    2088 days ago
    I am so glad you put you first and got these tests done. I always hated to go to the doctor. I never wanted to hear that something was wrong. Now I think I have grown up because I think it is a good idea to know where you are health-wise and then use that information to make healthy decisions for ourselves and make sure that anything that wasn't stellar gets taken care of and those things that were, stay that way.

    You are doing the things that you know make a positive difference in your health! I applaud you for that. Keep it up and next year you will see even better numbers!!

    You got this!!
    2088 days ago
    Your numbers are a little alarming. I work in a lab, and even though it says you are within the normal range, you are at the upper limit, and that's why the say "pre-diabetic".
    The test measures the amount of glucose (sugar) that is attached to your hemoglobin (the stuff that makes up your red blood cells, and transports oxygen). Because the life of a red blood cell is 3 months, the A1C number is a measure of the average sugar over a 3 month period that is attached to your red blood cells. The average non-diabetic person usually runs around 4.0 or less. This is because they have the ability to metabolize sugar better via normal insulin release.
    It might be in your best interest to follow a diabetic nutrition plan for 3 months and be rechecked. It is very likely that this can be corrected with diet. Hopefully, it can because insulin and supplies can cost hundreds of dollars a month, not to mention the problems that can result from this.
    To much sugar in your blood causes it to be thicker (more syrupy) and is also the nutrient that bacteria and other organisms feed on. So sluggish blood flow can lead to vascular disease..kidney problems. Because it is a nutrient for bacteria, healing from infections can take longer and even become toxic.
    I'm glad you are concerned and I wish you the best of luck.

    2088 days ago
    Congrats on the good numbers. I went in March to have my physical after not going for 4 years and found out my blood pressure was extremely high and my cholesterol was also high. I go back in 2 weeks for my follow up and hope to have much better numbers this time. Next year your numbers should be awesome as you continue your journey to a healthier you.
    2088 days ago
    Congrats on the good numbers! Keep up the good work, and the numbers will get even better. I'm banking on that for me, too.
    2088 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    Interesting stuff. Don't understand it all either tho. You sound further along in understanding. I've never had any of that done for diabetes.
    2088 days ago
    You go girl! Way to face your situation with such positivity! I've read that a lower carb, clean diet does AMAZING things for your blood sugar - you should totally look into that! Good luck!
    2088 days ago
    I was just thinking that I should be getting this done as well. Your next year's numbers will rock, just keep it up!!
    2088 days ago
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