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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I think with starting back on this... I want to I feel daily.... what i've done daily on food & nutrition. I find that I'm in denial sometimes that I need to eat good and workout to be in good shape like I was.... I'm not naturally like that and even most people naturally on the thinner hard at what they have. BUT with my type of body.. I'm 5'3" and i love food and it doesn't love me as much... but at one point recently.... I had a scary thought... I wish I was kidding.... "my clothes are starting to get small... I guess I should stop using the high heat on the dryer.. my clothes are shrinking....' then I paused.... realized what I said and thought ha.. no I need to stop overeating and mistreating my body.

My life has been in a constant state of change for the last 4 almost 5 years.... moved probably close to 10 times, I also wish I was kidding with that.... jobs... you name it.... I've changed it or it's changed on me. BUT finally after a long roller coaster..... the ride came to an end. I landed my own apartment, great jobs, brand new car and I'm in school... FINALLY i'm so excited that my life has done a 360* turn around.... that I can hardly wait to move (never thought I'd say that again), unpack what I haven't seen in years.... and get organized... I think part of my weight issue stems through this.... nothing was stable.. eating on the fly, over eating from stress, etc. The things that got me through the darkness was my faith to God and spirituality but also running.

I'm confident with my apartment and everything else I can only succeed. SO I wish everyone else going through life's ups and & downs or diet ups & downs... to keep holding on it can only get better! I always joke... I'm a success story in the making.....I think we all are.
Have a good evening! :)
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