Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello all!

So, I could use some advice. I've been on SP since the end of August. I've been doing pretty well sticking to things--I've upped my exercise, been tracking my food, and even though the scale is stubborn to release lbs, I can tell I'm losing because my clothes are fitting better. It's really freakin' awesome.

Anyway, I have ALOT of activities coming up over the next month--visiting friends, celebrations, parties...and I'm worried about staying on track. I know it's okay to splurge a bit, but I'm curious as to how you all stay on track. For example, this weekend, I'm going to Octoberfest with a friend. I probably won't drink much, but I know the food will be a land mine.

Do you typically try to fit in extra exercise around the event? Do you just do the best you can? How do you handle those events when it's difficult for you to stay on track? I want to make smart choices, but not have my whole life revolve around it...I hope that makes sense.

Any tips, hints, advice, whatever would be greatly appreciated!!

THANKS!!! emoticon
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    Carry a glass of water around with will help mindless snacking since your hands will be busy holding the water :o) I try to get up and move as much as I can. I also carry around a small writing journal and write down what I eat and drink.
    2396 days ago
    I like to bring a dish or two 1. because I'm a vegetarian so I need the options, 2. you can make something that's super healthy and great you can eat a good amount, and 3. sometimes the high from all the compliments on your dish, makes up for the endorpines so you don't need to eat just because it's there and you feel GREAT! :) Good Luck Chica!
    2400 days ago
  • MANDERS1105
    Thanks everyone for your comments! I will update you after the event! Hopefully things will go smoothly! I really apprecaite your input!!! :)
    2400 days ago
    Sometimes I use the 2-bite rule. It works pretty well when faced with a lot of tempting foods such as at a party or a buffet. When you crave a tempting food, allow yourself two bites, making them last and savoring every taste. The theory is, after the first two bites these tempting morsel are once again just food, and not so hard to walk away from. The secret is to really enjoy those two bites.
    2400 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    What I have done (and seems to work for me) is drink only water and share foods with who ever you may be with or eat only have of what ever you order. Went to the State fair with my bro and we shared every thing and ate almost all day long....I had 4 bottles of water and we walked for almost 5 hours.....hope this helps a bit.
    Best advice would be to enjoy the times with friends/family and be aware of the foods/drinks around the best you can, but don't fret about it and ruin your fun times. emoticon
    2401 days ago
    You are on the right track! I am horrible when it comes to festivities but if I know about it and start thinking about it in advance I am more likely to make healthier decisions. Have fun and be mindful!
    2401 days ago
    Do the best you can and really be concious of portion size. I also keep a small notebook handy so I can keep track of what I did eat as it just seems to keep me accountable. emoticon
    2401 days ago
    Small portions!!! And ask yourself if the calorie risk is worth the taste. sometime the answer is yes, sometimes it is not.

    2401 days ago
    If you look at my weight loss record, you may wonder how I could even think of giving advice, but I'm going to anyway! First of all, you are in the right frame of're thinking about it in advance. You are already happy with progress you've made and you are, believe it or not, AWARE! You don't want to feel like crap again, so you will think before you eat or drink and wonder, how will this make me feel when I'm done? I went to the Badger game last weekend and had a great time, made some great and some not-so-great choices, and am back on track this week. So, my advice is this: walk when you can instead of driving, a taste is great, but more than that is going to make you feel like crap, make healthy choices and have a wonderful time! Don't look at this weekend like a hurdle that you can't jump over, look at it like a speed bump, go slow and think!
    2401 days ago
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