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Day 327

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today is the day I review my September goals.
I go over them one by one - see what I've reached, and why. See what I haven't reached, and why not. And, in the next 3 days is there anything I can do to catch up on any...

1. Is to accept all BLC team challenges, and do WHATEVER my team leaders tell me to. ;-)

emoticon I have continued to LOVE this team. It helps keep me focused on my weakness - sticking with routine. The weekly challenges have helped, especially the strength challenges as I don't do enough. I have even changed my attitude toward strength exercises. Might do another blog about that.

2. Lose 5kg this month (started at 113.6) - I know this seems like a big goal, but I have a fair bit of fluid I just know my body is ready and willing to drop!

I don't know about this...if you take all the weight I GAINED through bad food choices and the odd binge, then the working hard to lose it all before the next weigh-in, then YES I have lost 5kg. BUT I haven't lost 5 kg from my September start weight. I am 110.6 now. Let's see what I can do in the next 3 days, eh! Goal, 2 more kg. Not impossible, but I'm not going to swing to an extreme and starve myself - I may have an eating disorder, but there's not an anorexic bone in my body ;-)

3. Quit smoking (starts today!)

emoticon Ahem...That lasted 5 days. 4 days more than last time. I'll keep trying til I make it!


4. Move coffee as a regular daily beverage to a weekly treat - substitute for chai or a cereal beverage (I only have one cup a day, but because of the blood pressure result this week I am stopping that)

emoticon This one shouldn't be so hard, but I am finding it so!


5. Buy a bunch of celery every week and add it to my snacks and meals at least 1 time per day (I have a larger, more ambiguous goal of 5 fruit and 5 veg per day by the end of October - this is a small specific step towards reaching this) Better still, add celery to my vegie garden!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

6. Walk Crusoe to school or home minimum of 5 times a week (40mins return trip)

Ug. I managed this one time per week. I know that I sabotaged it a few times by going slow in the mornings and not giving us time, but it sure adds those minutes to the tracker when I do! On holidays now, so this goal starts again in October.


7. Drop one size in clothes.


8. Three hours study every day.

Not yay. This I really have to work on. It's certainly not hard study, in fact I love it! Saboteur at work again. My fear of failure AND success, maybe? Just Do it, Jen.

So, 3 out of 8 goals achieved. I am certainly celebrating the 3 - Last month I met NO goals.
I also beat myself up with a binge. THIS month however, I am 3 goals down. I am creating and routine. I am more focused. I am more involved with my Spark Community.

I am thinking carefully about my October goals...

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