I'm Getting Surgery

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi Spark's friends,
I'm getting surgery 2 weeks from tomorrow.
The surgeon confirmed that I have a hernia.
I'm kinda embarrassed, but that's life and I'm trying
to look on the bright side. Yes, there is a bright side.
The reason I went to the doctor in the first place is
because I found a lump. I was really scared.
No, I was terrified because I lost both of may parents
to cancer. The thoughts running through my head were
almost unbearable. Thankfully it wasn't worse,
and it is very fixable.

The surgeon said I could continue to walk and work out
lightly-but no weight lifting for now. I'm thankful that I can
at least keep getting in some cardio as tolerated.
I can even use some stretchy bands if I'm careful.
So once again I have to "adjust
my sails" but I won't let the wind knock me down.

I have a song that I just love because it reminds me that
when it feels like life is knocking me down I can get back up again.
Here's the link for Toby Mac-Get back up again.

I should be up and running (well walking briskly, ha ha)
by the second week of November. As Toby sings,
"You may be knocked down, but not out forever!"
That's my mantra until I go back to the gym and kick the
pull-up machine in the butt! :)

My goals are only postponed, not in the trash!
I'm thankful to everyone who posted positive comments
on my last blog. It really helped keep me going
this past week.
Spark's friends are the GREATEST!
Have a good evening!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • APRIL103
    Hi Lilac (some people are addressing you as Joy but I can' find any reference to that name so I'll keep calling you Lilac until told otherwise), I'm waiting a few days before I start another streak but that won't stop me from sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    2052 days ago
    I am so relieved that it was not cancer (I have been through that scare recently with my husband).

    You take care of you! You will be stronger and feeling better in no time.
    Good luck with your surgery.
    2057 days ago
    I hope all goes well with the surgery and that you have a speedy recovery. Love the positive outlook!
    2060 days ago
    Cleary, hernias happen to the best of us! Your attitude is going to help you pull through with flying colors. As always in me, you will have the loudest cheerleader (((SCREAMING)))) Get Well Soon! Every queen deserves a break so, try to get some rest and enjoy some music.
    2061 days ago
    Glad it wasn't anything more serious, and best of luck with the surgery and your recovery.
    2062 days ago
    Hope all goes well with your surgery! emoticon
    2063 days ago
    Good luck with your surgery. I'm sure that you'll be itching to get back at it right away but try to take it slow & easy so you don't have to repeat the surgery later (my hubby did that and herniated his incision so he had to have it redone - no fun for him!)
    2066 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So sorry you had this happen, but very grateful its not cancer! You are a real trooper carrying on with whatever you can do until the surgery and recovery are done with!
    Its nothing to be embarassed about -it can happen to anyone!!
    Hope you can enjoy your weekend with the stress of knowing what you face not bothering you..
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    That was a great song! Very inspirational!
    2067 days ago
    Just do what the doctors says and then you will be back to doing what you want after he gets your hernia out. Sorry about that but read before you someone that was having foot surgery. Got you two mixed up.
    2068 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/10/2012 10:53:08 PM
    I'm sorry you had such a scare. My husband had hernia surgery and he was restricted in the weight he could lift for a while but he came through it well and I'm sure you will too. Nothing to be embarrassed about, its just "one o dem things". Stay positive and you'll be back to working out in no time!
    2068 days ago
    I'm sorry you have to have surgery, but I'm happy to see that you have a positive attitude! Glad it was nothing super serious!
    2068 days ago
    I can imagine that must have been such a huge scare. I'm glad with you that this is fixable.
    No, your goals are not in the trash. I'd say, not even postponed. Because I'm sure you can and will still find ways to work on your goal, if we define the first goal as 'wellbeing'. Being gentle and taking good care of yourself are great goals, too!

    2068 days ago
    I'm so glad it's easily fixed and you will be on the road to recovery soon.
    2068 days ago
    My support is totally behind you and I know you will come through this with flying colors. At least it hasn't put you completely on the back burner - you can still work out a little bit, and walking is the best thing for you right now, Just take it easy.
    2068 days ago
    Glad it wasn't something more serious. It always surprises me how our first thought can be the worst case. And I love how Toby Mac can put into words how you're "gonna' shine again". With your positive attitude, I'm pretty sure I already see a sparkle! I'll be praying for a quick recovery.
    2069 days ago
    Oh wow Joy, of all Joys, I'm so overly happy that it's not cancer! What a blessing it is really. You'll be in the best of care and you'll be soon back to how you were! Yay! When we have something that's not just right, we want to get it fixed and with that kind've determination, we're just so happy to have it fixed and we're not embarrassed at all because it had to be done! Lots of emoticon to you, Karen Joy emoticon
    2069 days ago
    I'm sorry you need surgery, but I'm glad it isn't more serious. I know you were dissapointed in not being able to exercise but you will be on the mend in no time....
    2069 days ago
    I know surgery wasnt in your plans but at least it wasnt any worse. I know you will jump right back into things in no time and we are all here to cheer you on and keep your BANG!!! Hang on and dont let go now!
    2069 days ago

    Wish you didn't need the surgery, but if you do, I'm glad that God equipped you with such a positive attitude. I am looking forward to your full recovery!!
    2069 days ago
    I'm glad they will be getting you in so quickly for the surgery, this way you'll be recovered before the holiday season begins. Even a healthy holiday season is a busy one, and it would be very easy to overdo it then. Thank goodness the cancer scare turned out to be something so very common and easy to remedy; no need to be embarrassed at all.

    In a couple of months you'll be better than you are now and you'll be ready to rock your plan!
    2069 days ago
    You have a great attitude! For most, hernia surgeries are very straight forward. I've had 2 surgeries myself as a result of big babies and am a healh care provider with experience with those recovering from abdominal surgeries. If the hernia is bulging, avoid any straining include weight strengthening. Avoid lifting from floor level over 10 lbs. Avoid things like carrying 4 grocery bags with juice, milk etc. in them. Even avoid core strenghtening as it will push on your abdominal wall. My suggestions are not to make you more concerned, just to translate your doctor's recommendations into your daily activities. You will have the same recommendations for your recovery for the first 4 weeks (lifting no more than 10 lbs). It will be fine and nothing at all to be embarrassed about! emoticon emoticon
    2069 days ago
    No reason to be embarrassed! I am glad it was something like a hernia and not what you feared it to be! My brother in law had the surgery and it wasn't a quick recovery but not painful. Just slow and he felt great in about 4 weeks.
    2069 days ago
    I don't see why you would be embarassed. I'm glad to hear the cancer scare was a false alarm. Hope your surgery will go well and you will have a speedy recovery.

    2069 days ago
    What would life be without some embarrassment? Probably kind of boring. Kidding, kidding. I don't think you should be embarrassed. You should be feeling WISE. You went to the doctor because you suspected something was wrong and you were right. After surgery (and after you heal of course), I bet you will be stronger and your ability to do more things will increase.

    I agree, you have an awesome attitude. :)

    Good luck with your upcoming surgery! :)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2069 days ago
    I love your attitude!!!!
    2069 days ago
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