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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sooo... I lost those big ol' 50lbs before I had surgery (lets not talk about it ok?)... then during the healing process (which left me with no energy long after the skin knitted back together) I got out of the habit of exercising. Since then I've put on 6 lbs. Ohhh, no. Not happening. I didn't go through all those hrs. of leg lifts, walking and just general moving quickly until I'm an inch away from feeling like I'm going to drop. I didn't go through all that pain- in- the- ass stuff to just put the weight back on!
Soo, Monday I did my walk away the lbs. cd and did 2 miles. Yesterday I did nothing b/c a friend needed me to take her to the store at the time I would usually work out (during nap time).. Today I have to take J to the dentist right the time I would normally work out too, but decided - uh uh. Not giving in to the excuses.

So right after I got back from dropping Owen off I went for a walk. I gave J some cereal in a bag to eat in his stroller with a thing of milk to drink and left after putting on my pedometer. I’ve never went that route so I didn’t know how long it was. But my usual route wasn’t safe for a child to be on. Hell, it’s probably not safe for me lol.

Anyway, I left. I instantly started in with the muscle burning and hard breathing and such and thought “Oh lord I’ll not even make it to the end of my road!” In my defense my road is one big hill hehe. But I kept chuggin’ along. I went this new path that also had some big hills… but I kept saying to myself, things like – just around the next curve. – just past those trees.
And then… after working up a good sweat, I reached the main road. My original goal! I turned around and went back home. My goal mileage wise was 1 mile. When I got home I checked my pedo and had walked 1.535 miles in 33 min. while pushing a 32 lb. toddler! Yay!

Sorry this is to long but to get back into the groove I really need support and I know I will find some here. Thanks for listening.
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