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Ten triffic things that happened to me today

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I always think it's the small pleasures in life that are important. Here's my top ten for today, and only one of them involves eating empty calories. Time was when it would have been all ten:

1. I had half of last night's smoked fish pie left so I didn't have to get home and cook and wasn't tempted to go in the supermarket on the way home, which is always risky.
2. I wore my red shoes to work.
3. A colleague was telling me how he'd spent ages trying to get something sorted out at work and got nowhere and I told him that I and one of my colleagues could do what he needed and his face just lit up, making me feel interesting and useful.
4. I had a piece of chocolate fudge cake. Just one piece and it was a small piece and I could have eaten half the cake but didn't.
5. I got home from work at 6.30, about 90 minutes earlier than yesterday. More SparkTime!
6. I've had dinner and still have about 300 calories left for fruit!
7. I wore a pink blouse that I bought over a year ago for the first time - it was too tight before (yes I know I already mentioned this in my status but it's a big deal to me).
8. Small cat has just come in for a cuddle and big cat is curled up next to me.
9. I had a nice chat with a colleague I haven't spoken to in ages.
10. This is cheating cos it hasn't happened yet but I'm having a long long soak in the bath tonight. Manicure, pedicure, wash hair, shave legs, paint toenails.

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