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What say you Sparkfriends? Ideas for my breakfast woes

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I think it may be from weird hours I stay awake, but heres the deal. I stay up late, til about 2am-ish mainly because I greet my boyfriend when he comes back home from 2nd shift, the father of my 2 kids- the man I have been with 8 years... so I feel its natural to wait until he comes home so I can feel at ease to sleep, its not the problem.
The problem for me is balancing my calories out. After months as a sparkpeople member, and tracked food a while to see my habits, I feel if I am going to stay up late the EASIEST time for me to cut calories is in the morning =(.... i know i know, its horrible!!!


Throughout the day I get sooo wound up from kids and chores, and homework, and dinner, and the pets we have I always find myself needing the extra calories in the evenings. Thats when I do my most cleaning and thinking.

Is it really going to hinder my diet that bad if I choose coffee or a monster energy, what about if I find protein to drink in the morning? If I eat a large breakfast or certain foods, it immediately strikes up my hunger for the day and its a constant battle to stop myself from snacking throughout the day. PLUS after 11pm is the hardest to finish tracking what I have ate.

Im just confused and although i eat and love salads, fruits and vegetables, I still manage to add the calories up too fast. Lastnight caught me when i realized how much calories syrup had! so thats a big no-no for me now that I know. I just feel I shall blog about this and bring my issue to life so that I can hold myself accountable.

Night time is hard for eating, thats mainly my point of how to or when to take advantage of what I consume.

My other issue is budget. I wish I had the $$ to buy all the fruits and vegetables, and live on them, but I have 3 other people that eat here. LOL. I fight sometimes to stay away from snacking on the kids dinner, its just part of being a food addict I guess.

For a while on sparkpeople I managed to lose 50+lbs at one point, but slacked for the summer, and am getting better at tracking everyday again. I hope I can get back down to the calorie range I was eating at.

I just wanted ideas and wanted to ask if a small liquid protein drink in the morning was a good thing? I also will have a coffee or energy drink now although i have never been a big coffee drinker, I drink it when my daughter started school again.- Im not a morning person as I am usually in a lot of pain. So weighing out what is okay to eat before i exercise, obviously water too.

What protein drinks? if thats an option

I suppose I will have to force myself to drink more water, Its only going to help me! emoticon
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    You must need a lot less sleep than me! I'm a mess without at least seven hours. (I'd be a really productive person if this wasn't true of me.)

    That said, my solution to pricey produce is something frozen stuff. Bags of veggies that can be stir fried easily, and especially bags of frozen berries that I can use in smoothies or in oatmeal. They don't go bad in your freezer, so you don't feel terrible about watching expensive food rot.

    I agree with Chriswantsabs (great name, by the way), who talked about protein. It gets me going, and helps me avoid hunger! My favorite breakfast is a slice of whole wheat toast with almond butter and half a banana on top, and an apple on the side. This morning I had a packet of oatmeal, two scrambled egg whites and some raspberries (which were on sale, and I have to eat them fast before they get icky!). I don't have any experience with breakfast drinks, but they should include some protein and fiber, I think.

    Good luck -- breakfast is your friend. : )
    2275 days ago
    I worked 2nd shift for 3 years and breakfast was always killer for me until I realized I just needed to adjust when I was eating. You need to eat breakfast. Breakfast tells your body to wake up, stop conserving energy and start burning calories. I learned that i function best with a higher-fat high-protein breakfast. It sticks with me best and doesn't lead to crash or starvation later. I usually have a couple eggs, a couple pieces of turkey bacon, 100 calories of oatmeal (sometimes plain, sometimes oat fit), and a low-fat dairy in some form, either greek yogurt or cheese (on the eggs or on the side) or avocado with a tomato.

    Working 2nd shift, I had breakfast about 10a or the time that most people have a snack. I follow a 400 calorie meal plan where I have 400 calories at each meal including a snack which I break in to 3 different parts and have over the course of the day. So when I worked 2nd shift, my schedule came out to be Breakfast around 11a, Lunch around 2p, Snack about 4:30 (This was after I settled in at work), Dinner about 7 and another snack about 9. Finally my third snack, which I call "Treat" was saved for when I got home from work. The downfall of this plan was when I would snack with my girlfriend when I got home since she wasn't matching me in calorie goals. We've since remedied this.

    We are about the same physical size so I feel comfortable suggesting that protein shakes are not a great idea. For me, they're not even remotely filling on their own and usually lead (for me) to overeating over the remainder of the day. I would actually recommend trying to avoid any liquid calories at all because I've read in studies that our bodies, though they process liquid calories, do not register them as "filling".

    One final note about evening snacking -- you mentioned that you find yourself "needing" more calories at night. I would really try to journal or make a note of what you're feeling when when you crave these extra calories because it sounds like a stress response and could be more emotional eating that a physiological need for more calories. I noticed that I was stress eating a lot in the evenings and justifying the snacking as "deserved" after all the hard work I did in the daytime, but my weightloss still stalled. If you like carbonated drinks, try carbonated water. I have a soda stream and the carbonated water I drink leads to a great "full" feeling without any calories.

    This is a really long comment but I really related to your entry. So... here's everything I know about it!
    2275 days ago
    I don't know about the protein drinks. but i have coffee every morning. I have to. I get horrible headaches if i don't. If your schedule is different, i would suggest changing it up. If you don't get up till late morning, have breakfast in the afternoon, lunch in the evening, and dinner later and night. This should help to prevent hunger, and possibly snacking. hope this helps and good luck.
    2275 days ago
    First, is staying up ruining your sleep cycle or are you able to sleep in to get your full 8? When my husband worked the late shift, I got used to getting to sleep without him in the bed knowing he'd join me eventually. Sleep is very important to your body and it will want to overeat when you're not giving it enough sleep. I was able to have good discussions with him in the afternoon before he went to work.

    Second, you can't skip breakfast and you know it. You just need to find the right combination of items that will allow you to stay full until your next meal. Create a eating schedule so your body gets used to the times you'll normally eat. For example I tend to eat around 8 am, then have another small meal around 10-10:30, then I eat again around noon to 1, then I might have a snack at 3 and I'll eat again at 5. I may have one more small snack (usually popcorn to fill me) at 7 or 8. This may sound like a lot of eating, but I basically "snack" all day with 200-300 calories per eating session (actually varying from 150-400 calories, but it all evens out).

    It sounds like you just need to get yourself back on schedule. You said you got off track during the summer and now is the time to get yourself back on track. You know what you need to do because you managed 50 pounds already!
    2276 days ago
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