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Nerdfitness just gave me the best fitness challenge idea ever.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I just got their birthday email today! (My birthday is tomorrow, I fake it by a day either up or down whenever I sign up for something that doesn't promise a felony for lying about your age).

It claims, "In your honor, we’ll be doing 100 push ups for every year you’ve been alive. Unfortunately, we can’t send you a video of us doing them, but..uh...just believe us when we say that we did them."

I thought, lets see how many that is.

I'll be 23 tomorrow, so that's 2300 push ups.

In a typical workout I usually do 30-40 of them in sets.

2300/30 is about 77, and 2300/40 is about 58. Rounding up, you know.

So if I did 50-77 workouts including 30-40 push ups each, I could do 100 push ups for every year I've been alive.

There are 97 days left in 2012, and I REALLY need to step up in the consistency department as far as doing my PT exercises, going to dance class (I've only skipped one class, and that was because... well, I was distracted. Worth it) and doing some other exercise (read: my arms are flabby).

I think 2300 pushups before the end of the year is a very reasonable goal, and I figure in 2300 pushups I can manage to get them from an incline down to the floor like a REAL man. Woman. Paramilitary. Whatever.


Also, another Whole30 is coming soon! I almost had it in the bag today but I figure a taper into a Whole30 isn't a bad thing, and starting a Whole30 on my birthday would make me feel pretty BA.

I also suspect the 3 pieces of cheesecake (they're tiny pieces, guys, seriously, don't look at me like that) yesterday with the graham cracker crust really messed up my stomach, 'cause I had a SERIOUS stomachache this morning. I've been developing a nut-based crust for my pies/cheesecakes because the ubiquitously healthy cookie substitute called the Graham cracker is LOADED with soybean oil and HFCS, preservatives, et cetera. Never mind the gluten, which I don't have a serious reaction to that I'm aware of (yet). I'll be shopping for my almond butter, lots of nuts, olives, and other tasty treats for myself. When it's all said and done, I LOVE eating on a Whole30. Everything is fresh and delicious, it's all homecooked (and I love to cook) and, even though it's a pain at first to stock the fridge with things that don't contain sugar, once I get going it's a breeze. I got my Keurig cups in the mail the other day, too, so I'm set with all my favorite coffee blends* to drink black, plus a new one I've decided I like. No more temptation of cream in the coffee, Kristina has her K-Cups!

Of course, the other great part of the Whole30 is having fuel for the fire of self-righteousness that burns within me. I strut a little when I'm avoiding sugar, grains, and dairy. I could probably help it, but why?

*My favorite blends are all Green Mountain Coffee, and I like the Vermont Country Blend, the Breakfast Blend, and my new pick is Our Blend. My favorite of the three is the Vermont, it's a little fuller-bodied than the other two. I ordered two boxes of it. Life is good.
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    That's how I feel. It takes a lot of guts to do a total elimination diet instead of hiding behind "moderation" in order to stay in your comfort zone, and I think it's worthy of a little pride.
    2244 days ago
    "Of course, the other great part of the Whole30 is having fuel for the fire of self-righteousness that burns within me. I strut a little when I'm avoiding sugar, grains, and dairy. I could probably help it, but why? " Haha, I am the same way. I sort of feel bad when I get up on my high horse and judge everyone else, but it's also very motivating. So sorry I'm not sorry, I guess?
    2246 days ago
  • GINAV2
    Mmm...cheesecake. Also, I love your pushup plan. And I'm excited for you for your Whole30. Lots of win!
    2246 days ago
    Crustless cheesecake is also an option. I don't know how the fiance will feel about that, but I figure a pie or cheesecake without crust is just the awesome part of the dessert, free of the constraints of crust.

    Might make a meringue difficult though.
    2246 days ago
    Yeah, definitely a dumb move on my part not avoiding the crust entirely.

    Unfortunately my cheesecakes end up having a large proportion of crust to cake because I'm always stuck using those 8-inch disposable foil pans. I need a real springform pan... for serious.
    2246 days ago
    Learn to eviscerate your desserts, girl! I have crazy-bad reactions to gluten, but if you select your cheesecake slice carefully, you can cleanly slice off the crust. Alternatively, with delicate fork-work, you can just avoid eating it.
    2246 days ago
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