FOCUS: Non-Scale Victories (or... True Success!) - BLC 20 - Week 2

Monday, September 24, 2012

FOCUS: Non-Scale Victories (or... True Success!)

This is a blog for week 2 of BLC 20.

Here are the challenge details and my answers for each category.

How do you measure success? Is it a paycheck? A high grade in a class? Perhaps success involves recognition. The truth is that success can be measured in a number of ways that vary depending on one’s objectives and personality. So why is it then that when it comes to health many people take a single-minded view of success?

Weigh-ins are important. Clearly we track weight and work towards an ultimate goal weight. But the scale can be a fickle mistress and can make us believe we are failing when the truth is quite the opposite.

This weekend we will focus on what makes us successful. Hopefully we will come out of the weekend seeing our own successes and sharing in others’ as well!

Each task can be completed for points only once over the course of the weekend:

20 points - “Define the Number”

Sometimes it helps to first look at what we know. Take some time to write down your goal weight and consider what it means to you. Is it just a number? Is it more? How does the idea of reaching that weight make you feel? Write down your thoughts and really consider what is driving the importance of the scale for you. Feel free to share in your team thread or a blog - or keep it private if you wish!

My goal weight is 160 pounds. It is just a number but it is also more than that. It means I will be at a healthy weight. I will be decreasing my risk for serious diseases like heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and many other things. I will have more energy and look and feel better in general. The idea of reaching that weight makes me feel great but at the same time sometimes it just seems impossible to ever get there. I don't want this to be the impossible goal or dream that never comes true. I want to be successful and reach my goal weight because I know I can do it. Will it be easy, NO!!!! Will it be worth it, YES!!!!! I just want it now and not 6 months from now or a year from now. However, that is not how it works. It takes hard work, determination, eating right, exercise, and a don't quit attitude. Sometimes, I really need to be reminded of these things and keep my dream in sight. One day it will be a reality. I think one of the driving factors in the importance of the scale is the fact that it is one of the major influences in our weight loss journey. It is easy to see on the scale where we are each week and so much in our society revolves around "how much do you weigh". The scale has always seemed to be the key player in our weight loss success. We often times forget about, or lose sight of, other key factors like inches lost, how we feel, how we look, and muscle tone etc. I don't want the scale to be the only factor in my weight loss journey but it does play a big role.


20 points - “Measurements”

Did you track your measurements at the start of BLC20? If not, go do it now. Then set or restate a goal that involves a decrease in those measurements. Be specific! Is there a pair of boots you want to wear if only... describe them! Is there a waist measurement goal you aspire to? What is it? What do you believe it will take to achieve this goal? Feel free to share in your team thread or a blog - or keep it private if you wish!

This one is a hard one for me. I don't really know what I aspire to as far as measurements. I just want to be lean and toned with about 21% body fat. I know it will take hard work, discipline, determination, and making good choices - even when I don't want to, to reach my goal.


20 points - “It's bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children's health than the pediatrician.” ~Meryl Streep

Being healthy is one of the greatest gifts in life. Each time we make a decision to eat healthy, we are accepting that gift. This weekend your goal is not only to track EVERYTHING but then to really look at your tracker and note whether each item eaten worked towards your health or detracted from it. Feel free to share in your team thread or a blog - or keep it private if you wish!

Fri. 9-21-12
Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices of bacon, a banana, 24 oz of water.

Lunch: Bandana's BBQ - pulled beef, applesauce, green beans, 24 oz of water.

Snack: Special K protein shake, 24 oz of water.

Dinner: McAlister's Deli - grilled chicken salad, no cheese, no bacon, Caesar dressing on the side, 32 oz sweet tea, a couple of crackers.

Snack: Special K protein shake.

Most of what I ate today worked toward my health and my goals. I should not have eaten the crackers, the croutons on the salad, or had the sweet tea. The sweet tea is just empty calories even though it does taste good.

Sat. 9-22-12
Breakfast: 1 biscuit, 1 sausage patty, 2 slices of bacon, 1 apple, 32 oz un-sweet tea, 24 oz water.

Lunch: Applebee's - 7 oz sirloin steak, applesauce, side salad, French dressing, 32 oz water.

Snack: Special K protein shake, banana.

Dinner: spaghetti and meat sauce, 2 bread sticks, 32 oz un-sweet tea.

Snack: Special K protein shake.

I should have stayed away from the bread, the spaghetti, and the French dressing today. None of that is on my Paleo "diet" but sometimes we just need to eat what we want to keep the cravings at bay. I don't like to deny myself completely if I am really wanting something. I believe it will all balance out in the end as long as I am not overdoing it on a regular basis. I should have drank more water today too.

Sun. 9-23-12
Breakfast: 1 biscuit, 1 sausage patty, 2 slices of bacon, 32 oz un-sweet tea.

Snack: Special K protein shake, banana.

Lunch: Steak Fajita, lettuce, pico de gallo, 32 oz water.

Snack: 3 Musketeer's, Special K protein shake.

Dinner: 2 chicken strips, green beans, 32 oz un-sweet tea.


Obviously I should not have eaten the candy bar. That was a very bad choice. The chicken strips and biscuit was not the greatest choice either but the rest was healthy and I did not overindulge. I should have drank more water today too.

Mon. 9-24-12
Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 1 banana, 24 oz of water.

Snack: Special K protein shake.

Lunch: Pulled pork - no bun or bread, green beans, 24 oz water.

Snack: 24 oz water, Special K protein shake.

Dinner: Grilled chicken salad with Italian dressing, 32 oz sweet tea.

Snack: 20 oz water.

Everything I ate today, with the exception of the sweet tea, is working toward my health and nutrition goals and will help me reach my goal weight.


20 points - “Love Life”

What activities do you love? Another wonderful NSV is the ability to do things easily and pain-free. Take some time this weekend to enjoy these activities, whether it be going for a run, playing with the kids or kayaking - just get out there and spend at least an hour (can be done in smaller pieces and aggregated) being active!

I love being outside walking and running. I had a half marathon scheduled for Saturday but I have a back injury and I will not be participating in it. I did get out on Friday and walk a mile which took me 22 minutes. I had to go slow and easy because of my back. It was the first time in about 3 weeks that I have been able to walk without much pain so I really enjoyed it.

Saturday I took another mile walk. This time it only took me about 17:30 and it was much easier to walk.

Sunday I took a 2 mile walk and it took about 35 minutes because I got interrupted 2-3 times and I had to stop or slow down for several minutes.

Monday I was able to get another mile of walking in. I did a lot of stopping and starting but I finished in about 18 minutes.

FM: 22 + 17:30 + 35 + 18 + 80 (20 each day for Physical Therapy exercises)
FM Walking: 92.5
FM Physical Therapy: 80
Total FM: 172.5


20 points - “Celebrate Victories!”

What’s your favorite NSV? Look back at your own journey. It doesn’t matter if you have been at it for two years or two weeks - there must be things you are proud of. Share them! Write about them, share a picture of them with your teammates, express them in any way that makes you happy! Feel free to share in your team thread or a blog - or keep it private if you wish!

I think one of my favorite NSV's was when I officially got below the 200 pound mark. That was such a great feeling after being at 240 for my all time high weight. I started taking a boot camp class at the Y and I loved it but at the same time it was killing me. I decided if I was going to stay in the class and it not kill me that I needed to do more than just the class. I knew I needed to do something on my own. So I started the Couch to 5K program. That about killed me too and it was all I could do to run the required few seconds that it starts with. I was able to keep doing the boot camp class and the running. When I started running, initially, is when I started losing weight.

This leads me to another NSV that I am proud of and that is the fact that I have kept running! I always hated running when I was younger and in school. I think I hated it so much for a couple of reason. One, I was overweight and slow and two, it always seemed that running in sports was for punishment as much as anything else. Who wants to run when it isn't fun? Well, when I started the Couch to 5K program it wasn't exactly fun but it was something I was doing for myself because I wanted to. It wasn't something I had to do because someone else was making me do it. That is what made it fun, eventually. Since I have started running, and kept it up, I have finished several 5K's, a few 10K's, and 3 half marathons. If someone would have told me about 3 years ago that I would be a runner and would be competing in races every chance I get I would have laughed in their face and said yeah right, maybe in my dreams. Well, dreams do come true. I am preparing to run a few other races yet this year and hopefully be able to set a few PR's (Personal Records).

Some other NSV's include being able to fit into smaller sized clothing. That is a great feeling when it happens and especially when you don't think you can fit into a smaller size. I like being able to walk into a store and see something I like and know, for the most part without trying it on, that it will fit. I had never been able to do that until about 2-3 years ago. It is nice though.

Of course, getting compliments from others is also a nice NSV. When others tell you that you motivate or inspire them or that they started something because I did, that is really nice too. I have a friend who started running because I did and he saw how much weight I lost because of it and he decided to start running too. He reminds me of that almost every time I see him. He has done really well though and gets age group awards all the time. He has also completed a few tri's as well and lost weight and he looks great. I'm glad I can help others on their journey while I am helping myself.
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