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Monday, September 24, 2012

Define the Number:
My INITIAL goal weight when I started my journey was to hit 180! I didn't think I was EVER going to make, but when I did..I looked back and was like. hey I can do more!! I can do a lot more!! That is when I changed my GOAL WEIGHT to 143! EEEEEEEEKS, what in the FREAKIN WORLD was I thinking, freakin 143 hhahaha yeah right! Why is 143 the "magic number" well it's because at 143 I will be down 100 pounds!!!! WOOHOO 100 pounds! Now I am still iffy on the 143. I am focusing on toning and trimming the body fat %. I would be happy with a solid lean 150 vs a puny 143! HAHA I don't have a CLUE what would look like at 143! Being 5'6 1/2 143 is a "healthy"weigh but screw that RULE, at 155 I feel HEALTHY and feel FIT!

Yeah I took these and lost my notebook :( I had a notebook where I kept my strength training days and my monthly measurements!! And of course, I can't find the dang tape measure!! From what I can remember..
My bust was 34
Waist 28
Hips 40 (and I can feel and sometimes see my hip bones)!! I just think I have child bearing hips) hahaha

I don't remember my arms, thighs or calves BUT I know my thighs are HECK of a lot thinner and tone and my arms are smaller and tone...yeah that's still questionable! Of course they are more tone than before but still have those lovely "bat wings"! No Mrs.. America wave anytime soon for me!

Being Healthy:
Logging my foods I am really good about, except when on vacation without a computer or a phone cord, or when I am sick...which was this past weekend! Boo! I pretty much stuck to small meals, ate at home, lots of soups, half sammies, fruits and veggies. Just haven't been in the mood for my usual meals.

Love Life:
I love being active and doing things I was always afraid to do. And I mean like wear shorts to the gym, run in a fitted shirt, walk around the park with sleeveless shirts or even just enjoying the day outside in shorts or a swimsuit! Going the the gym and being active in clothes I feel comfortable in makes me love my new lifestyle! No way I would imagine wearing running shorts and a tank top to the gym! I used to the long yoga pants and a t-shirt! Not anymore! Love being active with my new body in pretty workout clothes! Not to the SPORTS BRA ONLY LOOK though! One day - maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe! LOL Yeah, right who am I kidding - maybe one day in my living room! LOL

Celebrate Victories:
Lots! But I will focus on 2.
1. Being able to shop at NORMAL clothes stores and not have to go allllllllllllll the way to the back or the bottom to find my size! I hated when a sales person would ask if I needed help with a size, I was always SO embarrassed, especially when they are the size of a toohpick! It's like, oh yea hey you american eagle girl,. do you have these in a 16 or XL - no ma'am those are only available online! Oh HELL no! Yeah so SHOPPING is a big one for me!
2. Being able to admit my START WEIGHT. A lot of people ask me how much have I lost, and when I tell them around 90 they get this look on their face like HOLY ****! Yeah, like looking at me like that made me feel gross!! But as time went on I started to get better at it and now I am proud at where I started at and proud to admit that because I have been able to help so many others get motivated and make a change to better their lives. I love being able to share my story with people and really hope my dedication, motivation and will power will help them get healthier!

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