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How I Got Fat (Pictures)

Monday, September 24, 2012

How I Got Fat

Me at my baby shower at my fattest I hope

One day we just wake up fat, don’t we? That has to be the answer. Some people think it’s a slow process that happens over years. I never had that luxury. I always just kind of woke up that way. Well maybe it took a few months, but it never took a matter of years.

I’m just your average ordinary fat girl, thin girl gone fat maybe. I was the dieting queen or princess. My first diet was at the age of 6. I was slightly chubby. My mom was a dieter so no matter what size I was as a kid; I always thought I needed to diet. That continued into my 20’s. I thought I had everything figured out when I was 27. I went to a place called Quick Weight Loss Center, where I ate chicken, 2 carbs and fruit every day for 10 long months and lost over 100 lbs. I was about 130 lbs at the time and a size 6-8. I thought I was sexy.
I kept the weight off for about 2 years. However, the snowball effect happened and I bounced up to 254 lbs again. I went back to Quick Weight Loss and got down to about 160lbs and a size 10/12. I stayed that size for a while and then one day I woke up pregnant and fat.
I had my baby July 20, 2010. She was beautiful and perfect. I thought I was happy. I had a wonderful husband and beautiful family and life was good. That was until I realized that I couldn’t even look in the mirror and that all those good things didn’t make me feel good about who I was or what I looked like.

When i started WW and Spark
I started Weight Watcher’s and Spark on January 17, 2011. I have lost almost 145 lbs I believe. People think I am an inspiration, intimidating, perfect, motivating. So pretty much good and bad. The problem is that most people on Spark only know the dedicated Chelle. They don’t know the closet eater that gained over 100lbs in 9 months. Yes, I was pregnant; but no, that’s not a good excuse.
Here is a look at what my day was like back then
4 Shipley donuts 2 cake; 2 filled 957 cal
Chocolate milk 226
Filet o fish 380 cal
Fries 380 cal
Water 0 haha
2 cookies 320 calories
Papa John’s pizza 750 cal
Cinnamon Sticks 560 cal
Add in M&M’s or another candy at 280 cal
And that was just a day for me
Total 3473

I do lots of running and insanity and Turbo fire now

I burn 670 calories an hour doing turbo fire. Which equals 5 hours or 5 hours of running or 6 hours of insanity.

People wonder how I haven’t had French fries in over 20 months or a doughnut in the same amount of time and the answer is easy.

It’s not worth it. My body works too hard for me to fill it with something that tastes good for 5 minutes. My body has worked too hard to lose 100lbs more than once. My body deserves me to treat it the same way I want people to treat me. Why would I abuse myself when I won’t allow anyone else to abuse me.

I am worth giving up 5 seconds of pleasure in order to finally be able to run a 9 minute mile.
If the food is worth it to you; that’s fine. But after all this time, it just isn’t for me.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    AND it is so important for you to be around to share life to the fullest with your little person!!!! Thank you for including us- Kris
    1618 days ago
  • BECCA315
    WOW! Very inspirational, and a good reminder that 5 minutes of goodness in the mouth isn't worth the work we have to do to burn off the calories...
    1620 days ago
    Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. I can see some of myself in some of it. I put my weight on quickly, but have yet to find a way to keep it off. I'll lose 30 lb and then start to put it back on. I'm the queen of excuses, but at least I know it and therefore, can try to change it. Thanks for the inspiration!
    1620 days ago
    You do have a lot of insight, and just as you took the time to find out what works for you... I am finding out works for me.

    As for the doughnuts, candy, and any other sweets, I will vow from this moment on to now eat more than 1 thing a MONTH and that will be during my works birthday party that they do each month. It will be one piece of cake that is pre-planned and I can work around it.
    1621 days ago
    Thanks for the journey in pic's and honest blogging. You are a very dedicated person

    Make sure to just concentrate on you and your daughter and don't let the pressure from all of us out here watching your example take you away from the your goals. You are NUMBER 1

    Remember we are the cheering crowd! emoticon

    Love You emoticon emoticon
    1980 days ago
    Excellent work! Enjoy your success!!!
    1981 days ago
    Wow you are inspiring! I have my first weigh in tomorrow w/ WW . I have about 100 lbs to lose..maybe more, but i'm taking it one day at a time. Congrats
    1991 days ago
    Wow! You look great!
    2023 days ago
    That's awesome! I've done the yoyo thing too, and now that I'm pregnant, I'm being soooo careful to not gain too much! I'm not trying to loose, but I'm still trying to be healthy. Thanks for the inspiration! You look great!
    2040 days ago
  • MATHISC4464
    You are such an inspiration! Great Job! Thanks for sharing your story!
    2055 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your story & your pictures! You've got this!!
    2065 days ago
    Wonderful blog.
    2085 days ago
  • EZRIN101
    2089 days ago
  • FITAT50
    Thanks for sharing your story, it really puts it in perspective where you've come from. I don't think I ever knew you started dieting at 6 years old. I can't remember the last time I ate a donut after learning of their nutritional value, bleck!
    2091 days ago
    emoticon well said i am at the between stage still,lol.sometimes it is worth it to eat the food for that few seconds pleasure and other times it is not.hope i get it to not on an all time basis one day soo. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2091 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. You are beautiful before and after but more healthy after. emoticon
    2091 days ago
    I am still cheering you on Chelle! Keep reaching for your goals.

    Both You and I know you can do it!

    2094 days ago
    Wow.. the journey you have taken!
    2095 days ago
    What a fantastic trail you've blazed! And what an inspiration to us all!
    And, BTW, you're the bomb!!!
    2095 days ago
    WTG Chelle! Thanks for sharing your personal story. I am one that believes you are and inspiration. Keep up the good work! Congrats!
    2095 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! It gives us all assurance that it can be done, sometimes we forget that......NEVER GIVE UP!!

    Hugs, Carol
    2095 days ago
    Great story. People wonder the same about me ... you gave up fast food? No. I simply demand better food now. Dunkin Donuts have a greasy taste I didn't know existed before I got my taste buds back
    2095 days ago
  • -SEVEN-
    What an amazing transformation! I thought you looked pretty before, but wow! You look just beautiful with the weight off. Congrats. emoticon
    2095 days ago
  • KROLES55
    Thank you for sharing!
    2095 days ago
    Thank you for sharing, reading stories like yours keeps me motivated.
    2096 days ago
    You should be so proud of yourself. I'm glad you made this blog to announce it to the world!

    2096 days ago
    Boy oh boy your blog made me cry. I am so glad you found your peace. Weight watchers is a wonderful tool like spark but they only work when we do the work.
    Thank you for sharing. Your story is real and touching. Bless you. Diane
    2096 days ago
  • LUCYLU22
    Amazing blog!!! Thanks so much for sharing you story with us!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Chelle- I too was the dieting queen from 6 or so until a mere year ago when I had my diet rock bottom. Years of yo-yoing left my metabolism a wreck! Now, I am fit and fueling my body to live and be strong. Of course, I have treats, however, I am accountable for them and really pause to decide if it's worth it. I don't really like donuts so those are easier for me to thoughtfully avoid.. tortilla and pita chips are a hard one for me...

    I look to you as an inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the spark community!
    2096 days ago
    This is a great post! I've been craving soda, and this just made me realize how much I don't want it. emoticon
    2096 days ago
    I wish you continued success! I have also lost over 100 lbs - TWICE! Now I am struggling to lose it for the third time but your blog gave me the added confidence that it can be done! Thanks for sharing.
    2096 days ago
    WOW! I stumbled upon your blog today and I am so thankful that I did! I have been struggling with a miscarriage that happened in feb and I am back up to 220. Last Christmas I was 173!! Reading your blog was like looking into my own life...is the 5 second pleasure of eating that donut really worth the agony it will take to burn that off? Of course not! thanks so much for sharing your amazing and inspring story! emoticon
    2096 days ago
    WOW!! THanks for sharing.....You are an inspiration! I agree that certain foods are not worth the work it takes to get them off. M&Ms are my downfall. I could sit and eat them all day long along with cookies. Any kind doesn't matter. But I've found that I can eat a handful of M&Ms and one cookie and I'm fine.

    You are such a beautiful girl and I know that this time you will succeed as you have a healthy little girl to do it for!!! emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Amazing, courageous blog and journey Chelle! emoticon emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Wow Chelle! That first picture speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing this and giving your insight on how you can pass up the junk. It's going to be mind over matter for me. I found that yesterday when I was faced with so many food obstacles that I had to have pep talks with myself before I entered every situation. I knew they were all coming and I just kept working each situation out in my head over and over until I found a way that I could get through it and satisfy my want for junk and my need to lose weight. Hopefully the more I do it the easier it will get. I'm still in awe of your journey especially reading the food you used to eat in a day, that is a typical day for many people. I'm confident that it's going to stay for you this time. Love the new picture (even though it is sideways!), did you just take that recently?

    emoticon emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your story. You are awesome!
    2096 days ago
    you are fantastic to share this, and you are beautiful inside and out, not matter what the size. you are healthy and happy that is what is important.
    2096 days ago
  • IRISH813
    Great story! Thank you so much for sharing! You are such an inspiration! Congrats on the weight loss! emoticon
    2096 days ago
  • DEBRAK14
    Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your story. It is amazing how hard you have worked and how far you have come. Your courage shines through your words. Thank you, thank you, thank you! emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Wow - I just happened to click on your blog because I saw it on the side of my BLC20 page, and did I ever need to read that! I struggle with the mindset that I am "missing out," but you have given me a different perspective to consider. Congrats on such an amazing weight loss!
    2096 days ago
    You are no longer the average fat girl! You are an inspiration for many not because you are perfect but because you are human and you have journeyed the same path more than once so you have a lot of exerience. I agree with you. Why abuse your own body? It is simply not worth it. Thank you once again for sharing your story.
    2096 days ago
  • LCDM83
    emoticon for sharing. Junk is not worth how healthy and fit feels. You are so right.
    2096 days ago
    You are beautiful!! What a great story. Thank you for sharing.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2096 days ago
    What an amazing blog. You are an inspiration to us all Chelle!! It's not easy admitting what you did, but, I'm guessing you're feeling great now that you have typed it out and it's there for all of us to read. Keep up the good work. You are looking SMASHING!!
    2096 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! You are an inspiration! And I agree, french fries just aren't worth it or any other food for that matter. Plus, there are lots of yummy good things you can eat that don't make you feel like crap. Keep doing what you're doing! You got this!
    2096 days ago
    Thank you for the honesty and inspiration. Have a great week!
    2096 days ago
  • DEE797
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. You are an inspiration. emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Love it!
    2096 days ago
    You are a very inspiring person! Thank you so much for posting this! emoticon
    2096 days ago
    emoticon . It takes a strong woman to treat her body well.
    2096 days ago
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