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Garage Sales, Inapropriate Jokes, Batch Cooking, and Dresses Coming Out of Retirement OH MY!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Holy. Moly. I. Am. Spent!!!

I can't remember a Monday (or any day really) where I was THIS tired.... Trying to keep my head from flopping onto the keyboard as I type. UGH!!

Friday after work I had soooooo much to do in order to prepare for our garage sale. I had every intention of getting off work, going to go pick up tables from my parents, and going straight home to knock it out so we could be in bed at a decent time....

Yeah, that didn't happen..... AT ALL..

I got to my parents house and they had some very exciting news to share... They put a down payment on a second home in Flagstaff. Being retired and older now the heat in the summers has been very hard on them. So, as of January 2013 they will have a place we can all escape to.. WOO HOO!!! Being the not smart person I am, rather than going home to do what I needed to do, we stayed at my parents until almost 9:30 visiting with family. WHOOPS!! So much for being productive....

Due to my poor time management we were in our garage organizing until about 1:30am. Yikes. Woke up Saturday at 6am, staged it all out, and put out our signs..... I'm happy to say though it was a very busy morning. We did really well and sold the majority of our things. We closed up shop around 2pm and hauled the left over stuff to Good Will. All in all we walked away with about $275.00. Which I cannot complain about at all. The lack of sleep and last minute hustle and bustle was all well worth it. PLUS I have a nice clutter free house now, and my NEXT goal is to do some re-decorating/sprucing up.

our sunrise blow out sale :)

My handsome helpers, suckering in the customers with their good looks ;)

After about an hour cat nap we had to turn around and get ready for my friends birthday party. We went to a comedy club, then out for dinner/drinks. It was hysterically funny. Wildly inappropriate of course but OH so funny!!! We did a groupon thing and get two free tickets to another show and can't wait to go back!! What fun! I would totally tell you some of the jokes but seriously, far to inappropriate for spark people I wouldn't want to get booted LOL. All I can say is for $15, for TWO tickets to a two hour stand up show I WILL be going back again soon :). OH what fun!! After the show we went for dinner and drinks with friends, but by midnight though we had to call it quits because had we stayed out any longer we may have pulled up a curb pillow and passed out.

Me and the birthday girl. This dress is a dress I bought for my best friends 30th birthday extravaganza in December of 2009, it hasn't see the light of day since!! I didn't feel as good in it as I did in 2009 (I was 128lbs then vs. the 140 I am now) But I still was really happy to have it out of retirement :)

This is me in the same dress in 2009.. I WILL look this good in it again!!

Girls photo op.

"Umm why is my plate bigger than my head?!? I just wanted a wrap and some sweet potatos." Seriously this plate was HUGE!! Totally unnecessary!! LOL. I did really good though, I only ate half of the wrap, took the other half home.. but I did eat the sweet potato fries - not all of them, but still. Who can resisit sweet potato fries?? LOL.

Sunday, I did something I hadn't done in years... I slept until 1:00 IN THE AFTERNOON!! Oh my god. I had to wipe my eyes to be sure I was reading the clock correctly! Even though I got 12 hours of sleep I still felt totally wiped out all day. Probably over slept but I think I needed the rest. We managed to drag our lazy butts out of bed, do some chores around the house, and then headed out to watch the Cardinals put a whomping on the Eagles!! HEY HEY!!! We did good though and only split a sandwich :)

After a little lunch, we handled our grocery shopping. I just love my weekly Trader Joe's runs because I always discover something new I can't WAIT to try!!!! This week it is PUMPKIN PANCAKES!!

I decided this week I was going to make life a little easier on myself and do some batch cooking. I made up a bunch of the Pumpkin Pancakes (substituting egg whites, skim milk, and applesauce for the whole eggs, milk, and butter... plus I added a bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract). I also cooked up an egg casserole with egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and low fat mozzarella cheese. Breakfast is going to be SOOO GOOD this week!!

My Trader Joes run :) Lots of healthy colorful eats this week:

Pumpkin Pancakes. Hubby gave them a rave reveiw today.

Egg casserole: Quite yummy if I do say so myself!!

And my guilty pleasure of the week:
My pinterest experimentation. Hersheys kisses on pretzels with M&M's and Reese's Peices: OH MY GOD!!! MUY DANGEROSO!!! Thank god they are small :)

Hubby is on his game doing really good as well. He was so excited he made his own caprese salad (his idea too!!). I had to take a pic and give him props. My "chef in the making" :D He's working so hard in school right now, and might even have a lead on a really good job with our neighbor at one of the local hospitals when he's done so please keep your fingers crossed for him it works out!!!

At about 8:30 Sun night we realized due to our sleeping in we neglected to plan dinner. Oh sure i had stuff I could have made but at 8:30 on a Sunday I just wasn't feeling it. Hubby and I went down to Oreganos. Sat on the patio, ordered a bottle of wine, and had a really nice (quiet & relaxing) dinner together. Spontaneous date night YAY!!!

We ended up sharing a salad:

And a Shrimp Diablo Pasta:

Last night I went to bed with every ounce of intentions to get up early this morning and going for a hike up the mountain by our house. I even slept in my work out clothes, set my alarm, and put my shoes right next to my bed to make it as easy as possible. Needless to say, due to toal exhaustion instead I hit snooze for about an hour.. TOMORROW!!! I will do it!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    sounds like you had a great week, and not too much damage, pictures are great
    2053 days ago
    those pretzels look amazing and i am sure i would eat the whole pan thank goodness they are not here at my house :)
    2053 days ago
    I love your blogs. The pictures are always so fun...I want to get back into dedicated blogging. :)
    2061 days ago
    Busy indeed. You look great in the dress - then and now! Mm the food looks so good, especially the pretzel chocolate combo.
    2063 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Busy weekend!!! You look great in your dress! I'm happy to hear you had such a great weekend! :)
    2063 days ago
    Wow busy busy weekend! But it sounds like it paid off in the end. Those kisses/pretzel bites would be way too dangerous for me to have around the house haha.
    2063 days ago
    Good luck for your husband's job! emoticon
    You look great in the dress and the foods were so tempting!
    Glad to read that the garage sale was a success!

    Don't worry about not exercising, if your body needs some rest, you must give in. But try to get back to your routine, the sooner the better! emoticon emoticon
    2063 days ago
    What a packed weekend! emoticon Sounds like you did well with the garage sale and you look great in your dress. Muy bueno!
    2064 days ago
    Those kisses + pretzels look very pretty. I can believe it they're tempting. All that food looks good actually.

    emoticon on a succeessful garage sale!

    (Oh ... and did I miss the jokes? I was totally here for the jokes. emoticon )
    2064 days ago
    OMG! Those pretzels look AMAZING!! I love chocolate covered pretzels so those must be ten times better! Thank God I don't have any here! lol All of your food looks amazing! And great job on the garage sale!
    2064 days ago
    I love the low calorie lemonade from trader joes! I always buy the pink and the original too! Great minds think alike ;)
    2064 days ago
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