Day 274

Monday, September 24, 2012

This from Dr. Oz ~

Find Your Joy

All our lives we are taught to find to find meaning and satisfaction through work. Then we reach adulthood and wonder, "Why am I not happy?"
The truth is, most people find their joy outside of work. Roughly 80 percent of Americans say their jobs don't provide greater meaning to their lives.
So what does make us happy? It's not work, money, fame, a big house, or nachos grande. It's the little things, like baking, knitting, learning an instrument, or playing a sport. The key seems to be finding an activity in which both the mind and hands are engaged.
Other simple activities that bring happiness are spending time with friends and family, coaching a kids' team, or doing a group activity like singing in a choir.
This week, write down three to five simple activities that bring you joy. Put the list somewhere where you will see it every day, and try to engage in at least one of those activities each week.

Through SP I've found that one of many things that brings me joy is a good cardio hike in the woods or a gang-busters workout on the x-bike. After I finish up, I'm absolutely soaring!! When I signed on at SP I had no idea that new joys in life were just waiting to be discovered. These joys are such a bonus, the cherry on top, of living a healthy lifestyle. All we have to do is commit to change from our old ways. It's just that simple.

Thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope your Monday will be marvelous!! Be sure to get out of your comfort zone!! emoticon
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