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A 70-year-old lapped me today

Monday, September 24, 2012

I usually don't workout on Sundays but after eating a funnel cake and Navajo Taco and drinking beer yesterday at the fair, I knew I needed to get right back out there again. I also wanted to break-in my new shoes. I'm not really a believer in "making things up" because I feel this is real life and I have to learn to deal with things like state fairs, vacations, parties and other celebrations but mentally I needed to exercise today.

I went to my sister's to watch the games but I took my shoes so I could get in a walk while I was there. My mom joined us at my sister's and had brought her tennis shoes too in case I wanted to walk (how lucky am I that I have a mother who is willing to exercise?). We headed out to a dirt course near my sister's house that goes around the outside of a very large private school. The entire course is just over three miles I believe. The kicker is that it has massive hills. Kick-you-in-the-ass kind of hills.

My mom and I were on a downward slope when I look to my right and see this 70 something woman coming up on us. She was jog-walking. She was wearing polyester pants, a blouse and some slip-on tennis shoes but the look on her face. She was not messing around. I made a joke to my mom that we better speed up because the old lady was passing us. We laughed and kept walking at my same slow speed. emoticon

Now even just a few years ago seeing this old woman fly past me would have made me so upset and I would have felt pretty pathetic. I would have started saying "You'll never be good. You'll never get to that point. You can't do this." and on and on and on. But that little voice didn't even come up at all. I didn't even have to stop it. It just wasn't there.

It was then I had an epiphany. emoticon Losing weight as a 40-year-old is so much harder physically but so much easier mentally. I'm so much more comfortable in my own skin and more accepting of myself and my flaws. I've learned that it's O.K. to want more for myself and I DO want more for myself. And I felt some (definitely not all) of that anger slip away and I just felt good.

Bottom line is I love myself more than my younger self did and it feels damn good. No break-up, stressful day at work, activity, event or set-back is going to keep me from continuing forward. I'm not going to give up. It's not something I'm saying as a rallying point for myself, it's just something I realized today. I've learned, finally, how to go the distance. It was a lesson I had to practice in other aspects of my life before being able to apply it to this journey. Coming to this realization gave me joy.

So, I don't care if 70-year-olds lap me for the next two years, I'm not giving up. emoticon emoticon
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    I love that you incorporated exercise into a visit with the fam. I'm not huge on that whole "making it up" mentality either.....I think you are have to find a way to permanently add your social life into your healthy-lifestyle goals. Good for you for getting back out there. And good for you for not letting that 70 year old get you down....some 70 year olds are more fit than I will be in my entire life!!! LOL
    2367 days ago
    This is awesome!! Way to go on your epiphany! I love it when I get those. I am glad you do not feel bad about a 70 something lady passing you up! My husband and I walk at a track and there is a lady that would blow by us all the time and she had on those comfy walking flip flops, really!! We finally over took her one day! We were so determined to pass her it was like a life mission and we finally accomplished it! One day you will pass her up and you will have another accomplishment to be happy about. Do not ever give up! This is something you could turn into a fun challenge. Good luck and keep up the GREAT ATTITUDE!
    2368 days ago
    I LOVE this blog... my favorite part is when you said:

    "Bottom line is I love myself more than my younger self did and it feels damn good."

    2369 days ago
    By starting your journey.. you will one day be that 70 year old!

    Mam and I went cycling in Cornwall a couple of years ago on the old railway tracks. We hired mountain bikes and off we went! I consider myself quite fit and Mam is too but we were exhausted by time we got there. On the way back, we got overtaken by a guy on a motorised wheelchair :D:D

    We just laughed, became part of our wonderful time together.

    In my 5k's I still get passed and outrun by people much older than me. But I posted something to facebook the other day you may like. It said "no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone lying on the couch!". Very very true!

    Also, while you were out walking, i was back at ur sissy's scoffing pizza and drinking beer! And then when I got home, I went for a burrito at twisters! I told your sissy today how proud I was of your willpower yesterday. I'm not surprised, just proud. x
    2369 days ago
    walking people lap me. and a 6 yr old was walking next to me jogging and finally said, you're slow, can I go now.
    2369 days ago
    Good attitude, kiddo! As others mentioned, she may have been run- walking all her life. That's OK, you're only midlife now, and it's the start of the best of your life emoticon
    2369 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/24/2012 7:56:44 PM
    Good for you! During a 5K several years ago I was passed by a man in his 70's with a CANE. I passed him when he stopped to get something out of his shoes (I mean, he's down on the ground with his shoes OFF), but before race-end he passed me AGAIN. I finished that 5K dead last, but you know what? I FINISHED. I'm so glad you have the same attitude!
    2369 days ago
    I've totally been lapped by a 70-year old before. Also, years ago, I was passed by someone running BACKWARDS in a race (literally, he was running backwards, so I could see the smile on his face as he passed me). lol! I have a hard enough time running while looking straight ahead! Lord knows I'd be even slower and probably be knocking people down if I tried to go backwards.

    You've got a great attitude that will get you far - it doesn't matter if you get lapped, because at least you are out there doing laps yourself! The way I see it, the only person I'm racing is myself :)

    Happy Monday!
    2369 days ago
    It's inspiring and humbling at the same time, isn't it?
    2369 days ago
  • GINNJEN1974
    Never give up that is the greatest mentality indeed. Heck my mom is the energizer bunny and I have since learned to go my speed not hers. Good for you and that old lady she may be one of those that has always been physical you just never know.
    2369 days ago
  • NCSUE0514
    Today's challenge - find a 90-year-old and win~
    2370 days ago
    Good for you.

    When you get in tip top shape though................... you know you gotta find her, right?

    Just kidding.

    Great blog. Always good to read eye opening moments.

    2370 days ago
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