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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I think I'm about ready to give up on convincing my stepmother that paleo is a real thing.

After my sister and I BOTH lost weight low carbing it, and after all the Paleo/Primal information I gave her, and after all the information on food additives and their effects on immune and inflammatory disease, she's started Weight Watchers again and stocked the house with low-fat everything, the 1-point cupcakes and other crap.


She could just drop the sugary processed food and immediately improve her rheumatoid, and most likely lose a LOT of weight JUST by removing inflammatory chemical additives and sugar. It's not like she hasn't read enough about it.

But instead, she'd rather mess around with counting POINTS, eating chemically altered garbage in the name of low-fat, insist that I'm SOOOO active (I'm not) and that's why my diet works, and keep eating all her artificially-sweetened stuff. I can't understand to save my life why consuming a bunch of lab-created, carcinogenic, unpronounceable ingredients could POSSIBLY seem healthier than just giving up all the crap... and PAYING EXTRA TO DO IT WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!!

I feel like stomping my feet and yelling at her and my father every time I visit them. It's really upsetting because it's killing them, slowly and inexorably, and it should be obvious by now... but it's not. Dad's bloodwork came back normal (he's still on statins) and she lost 5.8 lbs last week back on Weight Watchers, so what the *bleep* do I know?

I can't be mean about it though. I can't. I don't have it in me, even though I really want to stand in the kitchen and scream, "WHAT PART OF THIS SEEMS HEALTHY TO YOU?! WHY DON'T YOU GET IT?!"

I guess I just have to live with it and hope they come to some kind of sense on their own, because leading by example and giving them information is not doing it.

Edit: I read her WW materials and it turns out they're pro-healthy fats now, and their new POINTS incorporate ALL the macronutrients instead of just fat and fiber. Fruits and veggies are "free" as always (unless you eat 30 bananas or something, I guess) and I saw all EVOO in the recipe book. No vegetable oils or margarines. MUCH better than my last go at Weight Watchers...

I distinctly remember crying in the third floor bathroom in the library my freshman year of college because it was only 10:00 in the morning, I was already hungry, but if I ate the apple I had in my purse, I wouldn't have enough POINTS left to get me through the rest of the day. Suckage.

They still sell their own oatmeals, cakes, and ice creams, though. I guess you can't have everything.

Now if I can just get the parental unit to ditch the fat free hydrogenated soybean creamer...
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    I can see a lot of that, but a great deal of it is fear. They both have chronic diseases that can build up to a crescendo of nearly hospitalizing pain if they do the wrong things. I've met a number of people with diverticulitis, and they approach meals with the same apprehension as someone who has celiac or a peanut allergy. The presence of something as innocuous as a blueberry seed can spell days of agony if it hits a perforation... it's a terrible thing.
    2214 days ago
    Don't forget that some of this is addiction talking. Give up wheat?!?!? I can't!! (That's my sister talking there.)
    2214 days ago
    It's pretty rough.

    It's especially bad because my dad has diverticulitis as well, so he evidently needs fiber, and half the veggies that he could eat for fiber instead of having bran or something are off-limits. He almost went gluten-free, but he didn't notice a difference. My stepmother did, though. She swears his stomach gurgled a LOT less often. He's super picky, loves all the dairy, and in my opinion is probably having a rough time digesting it. I know because I love it, too, but I know too much bothers me.

    I wish they'd try something drastic like a Whole30 but I completely understand their apprehension of something like that, given their doctors' advice, CW, and a general fear of the actual physical pain a change could cause. I'm not angry with my parents for being as they are... I just feel helpless because I can't clap my hands and fix their ills.
    2214 days ago
  • GINAV2
    Oh man. It's so hard to sit back and watch someone you care about be unhealthy, but I guess at the end of the day you can't force someone to do something they don't want to do. You can lead a horse to water, yadda yadda yadda.

    On the positive side, at least your family is doing *something*. Maybe not the healthiest thing, but something. I've given a lot of paleo/primal and thyroid/diabetes info to my parents, and they just don't want to make a real effort to change at all. I don't know, I mean it must be hard for parents to swallow their pride and take advice from their children, especially about something like nutrition. I can imagine saying "I want you to be healthy so please change your eating habits" and my folks taking it as "everything you fed me growing up was WRONG." Hell, even Robb Wolf couldn't get his parents to try Paleo, and he's literally written the book on the subject! Don't think there's an easy answer here.

    I do hope your family comes around on their own. They have the info...maybe it's just a matter of time.
    2214 days ago
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